Singing in the Preschool Classroom: Why It's Important

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A Love of Music

Preschoolers love music. A catchy song is sure to get them going, singing and dancing to the new tune. Young children seem to be born with a love of music. It doesn’t have to be taught. Just watch a 12 month old bob up and down as she “dances” to music. The enjoyment of music appears to be an innate part of being human. So, why not take advantage of this love music in the classroom setting. After all, there are many skills you can teach just by singing in the preschool classroom.

Repitition: The Key to Learning

We all know that repetition is an essential part of learning. We do not always figure a concept out the first time it is introduced to us, but after trying it several times, it becomes more familiar. Preschoolers are the same, but even more so than adults. Most of us have experienced reading a story to a child, only to be asked to repeat it again. Sometimes the child will want to hear the same exact story over and over. It seems preschoolers never tire from their favorite videos, often repeating them many times. Since kids love repetition, songs can be a great tool for teaching new skills. For even more effective learning, accompany your songs with visual aids. This adds another layer to the learning experience. Hand motions as well as gross motor actions can also increase the effectiveness of using songs as teaching tools.

Learning New Concepts

Singing in the preschool classroom is a great way to teach basic skills concepts, as well as skills specific to unit studies. Try adding songs that reinforce basic skills at circle time. Songs for teaching shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet can be repeated each morning, ensuring that your students get more exposure to these essential skills. You can even teach social skills, proper behavior, and many other skills through songs. Don’t forget nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes put to music are fun for preschoolers, and they teach pre-reading skills too.

While most preschool teachers use music and singing in the preschool classroom, many don’t fully understand the power behind those little tunes. Songs help teach basic concepts, proper behavior, as well as social skills. They can be repeated many times, reinforcing the skills they teach. So why not add a few more songs to your preschool schedule? It’s sure to be a good thing.