Preschool Worksheets of the Alphabet: Six Downloads and Resources

Preschool Worksheets of the Alphabet: Six Downloads and Resources
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Getting Little Students Started

Preschool is the age when children are beginning to learn how to print letters. In order for preschool age children to develop skill, they have to practice. These free preschool worksheets of the alphabet are designed to help preschoolers practice printing the letters so they can graduate to writing words. Here is some information about writing the alphabet, along with a list of a few websites that offer free alphabet worksheets and where to print some, right here on Bright Hub Education.

Practice Writing the Alphabet

Have students start their letter writing practice by using worksheets that provide big open spaces. Have students practice writing the alphabet between the two straight lines and use the dotted line as a guide. Don’t fuss about letter formation; as they get used to writing the letters, teaching them the proper formation of the letter will come next.

Proper letter formation is the next important component of writing for students to learn. Make sure you give students as many oppertunities to practice writing the alphabet as you can. Send home practice worksheets for students to practice at home with their parents.

Download Practice Sheet

Located by clicking the link to the right, you will find a worksheet titled ABC Practice. This is a very basic introducation to the alphabet. Students will practice writing uppercase letters by using the example of the letter next to the blank space provided.The students’ fine motor skills will be reinforced while practicing their printing.

Downloads From Shirley’s Preschool Activities

Shirley’s Preschool Activities website provides 26 pages of free printable alphabet worksheets. The worksheets will ofer the students the practice they need in order to get the correct formation of the letter, followed by tracing the letter, then the formation of the letter, before finally having them write the letter on their own.

If you are looking for alphabet worksheets that provide a picture with the letter, this is the website to print copies. First-school provides a picture such as an acorn with the letter A. Exercises like these give students an example of the things that start with the letter they are learning to print.

You’ve got to head over to Ziggity Zoom, if only to check out the neat name. This website provides 26 free printable preschool alphabet worksheets. They are just right for preschoolers just starting to learn how to print. Students will first trace the letter, then they will finish coloring the picture that corresponds with the letter.

These free preschool worksheets of the alphabet will enable students to learn how to print the letters and provide them with the writing practice they need to begin printing on their own.

Find Additional Resources

There are many educational websites that offer free alphabet writing practice. The link takes you to a resource identifying a few of the best sites that offer free printable preschool worksheets. Each site listed provides you with worksheets that have big, open spaces and upper and lowercase letters to practice writing.


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