Educational Preschool Computer Programs: Educational Games for Kids

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Choosing Age-Appropriate Software

Computers are the new, and fun way to learn. Every young child loves to play on the computer. Because of this, preschool computer software have become an extremely popular way to teach our young students. Unlike many popular computer or video games, many companies are begining to supply eduactional software games. When choosing a learning game for your young students it is very important to do your research. You want a game that is fun, interactive, and age appropriate for your class. This article will explore four of the top educational preschool computer games.

Mickey’s Preschool - with Active Leveling Advantage!

Mickey’s Preschool software provides the building blocks necessary to excel in a preschool program. This is a fun interactive game with an educational twist. This software provides a learning experience with the characters preschoolers and parents know and love.

Mickey’s Preschool software takes place in a funky 50’s style diner that invites children to explore, and make learning fun and interesting. Mickey’s philospohy strives to make learning fun and interesting by allowing children to express creativity while mastering basic learning skills. Mickey’s Preschool Software provides over 40 essential developmental skills for preschool students. All lessons are also provided on printable worksheets.

This software is appropriate for children ages 2 to 4.

Reader Rabbit Personalized Preschool

“Adapt to your childs individual abilities” This 2 CD Rom set is the perfect way to introduce your students to Preschool. Reader Rabbit provides an educational world that will keep your students engaged, entertained and learning constantly. Reader Rabbit provides a “Personalized Learning Center” disc. This disc will allow teachers to check the students progress in the game by using their special A.D.A.P.T Learning Technology method.

  • Assesses abilities
  • Develop skills
  • Adjust levels
  • Provides help
  • Track progress

This computer software also allows for print outs of special lessons, which can be used to create work books and reward certificates which can be customized for your students.

Skills this software program teaches:

  • Letters, Names & Sounds
  • Phonics & Early Reading
  • Numbers & Coutning
  • Matching Skills
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Memory Skills
  • Pattern Skills
  • Vocabulary Help
  • Listening Skills
  • Music & Sound Recognition

Appropriate for children ages 3 to 5.

JumpStart Preschool

JumpStart preschool provides and early understanding of many learning skills children need when begining preschool. Jumpstart Software shows Casey`s colorful classroom that is full of animation and fun, catchy songs, while exploring a basic understanding of letters, number, colors, and shapes. Casey`s school displays ten different interactive puzzles, games and play areas. This software is based on the nationally recommended curriculum and registered teachers lesson plans.

Skills this software program teaches:

  • Early introduction to Reading
  • Letter Recognition
  • Numbers and Basic Math Skills
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Matching and Differences
  • Counting
  • Listening Skills
  • Basic introduction to Music & Songs
  • Vocabulary & Phonics

Appropriate for children ages 2 to 4.

School Zone Preschool

This fun and interactive school room based program has been specially developed by preschool teachers and educational experts. School Zone is a 2 CD-Rom set which will help build you students skills and confidence for extra success in preschool. School Zone allows for teachers to be able to track their students progress.

School Zone Preschool is divided into two parts (2 Discs): On-Track Does it Belong as well as On-Track Same or Different.

On-Track Does It Belong?

On this disc students will focus on identifying relationships between objects, comparing items, and word problem solving. This software allows children to learn basic skills while giving them occasional breaks by providing fun and classic games such as Tic-Tac-Toe.

Skills this software program teaches:

  • Matching Pairs
  • Categorizing Subjects
  • Solving Problems
  • Following Simple Directions

On-Track Same or Different

Children focus on identifying differences among objects, recognizing letters, and problem solving. Children get a break between work with games like Battling Balloons. Delightful animations and personalized printouts reward your students’ work.

Skills this software program teaches:

  • Matching Pairs
  • Recognizing Differences in Pairs
  • Letter Recognition
  • Determining Size Differences
  • Eye and Hand Coordination

This program is appropriate for children ages 3 to 4.