Identifying Your Students' Learning Styles: Five Websites That Can Help

Identifying Your Students' Learning Styles: Five Websites That Can Help
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Ageless Learner

At the beginning of the school year, you should give your students learning styles assessments in order to see how they learn the best.

The Internet provides a wide variety of different assessments. All of these assessments will tell whether students are visual, auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic learners. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Ageless Learner offers an assessment which asks twelve questions that all start off with “when I…..” The responder is required to circle one of three answer choices that is most like them. Each of the three answers represents one of the three learning styles. When they are finished, they count the number of circles in each column. Whatever column has the most circles is their preferred learning style. At the bottom of this assessment it also provides some suggestions for each type of learning style. This assessment can be printed but cannot be completed online.

Learning Style Inventory

Here is another great one called the Learning Style Inventory. There are twenty-four questions in which you must respond either seldom, sometimes, or often. This assessment is done completely online. After you complete the assessment, you must hit submit. Your results then pop up in a different window. The results also provide some suggestions that may be beneficial; for example, tactile learners should make a study sheet.

What’s Your Learning Style?

“What’s Your Learning Style” is also an online assessment and contains 16 questions. You select one of three answer choices that best complete the given statement. You can complete it online, or you can print it out. All answers of “a” correspond to visual, “b” to auditory, and “c” to kinesthetic learning style.

Abiator’s Online Learning Styles Inventory Test

Abiator’s Online Learning Styles Inventory Test 1 is an online, 30 question assessment of learning style. As you read the questions, you respond “seldom,” “often,” or “never.” After you submit the test, a window pops up and displays your results. A link that tells you about the best learning strategies for your learning style is also provided.


The BrainBoxx assessment provides 16 sets of 3 statements. For each set, you must choose the statement that best matches you. As you click your answer choice, a box on the right of the screen changes color to blue, green, or purple. Each color represents a different learning style: Blue means visual, green means auditory, and purple means kinesthetic. You can do this assessment online, or look for the option at the bottom for the printable version. This assessment is quite different from all the others, and it provides some illustrations as well. There are some additional links on the site to learn more about your learning style.


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