End of the School Year Letter to Parents: Tips for Teachers

Send Students Off for the Summer with a Year End Letter to Their Parents

The end of the school year can sometimes creep up on teachers, especially those who have been teaching for a long time.

Although it can become a sort of routine experience, it is important not to let this affect your relationship with your students and parents. They are looking to you to provide a sense of guidance and direction into the next school year. Parents want to know that their children have been successful in your classroom and have had a fun and engaging school year. This is why creating a wrap up letter to parents at the end of the school year is a great idea.

Letter Contents

Your year-end letter should include a brief synopsis of the past year, what parents and students can expect in the coming school year and steps students should take to prepare for the next grade.

In addition, you can add fun and memorable details to turn a standard letter into a special keepsake. For instance, incorporate pictures of your students in the classroom, at recess, during specials and lunch or at field trips. Provide quotes from your students about their favorite parts of the school year. Allow students to help you construct the synopsis part of the letter and have them sign it. Include a few notes from teachers in the next grade level

Summer Learning

Summer break is very important in the academic lives of children. If students continue to learn over the summer and reinforce their knowledge, they will be well equipped to handle the next school year.

Stress this in your letter, explaining the importance of summer enrichment. Students can learn over the summer in many ways. Provide parents with websites that allow children to practice skills that you taught over the year.

You may also want to provide information about local academic summer camps. In order to accommodate the needs of all students, be sure to provide an email address or other contact information so that parents can get in touch with you if their child needs a tutor or other academic assistance.

What’s Next?

Providing information about the upcoming school year will help alleviate any stress that students and their parents may have had about transitioning to the next grade level. This is especially important for students transitioning into middle school from elementary or into high school from middle school. Consider introducing some of the teachers in the next grade level and explain what will be expected of students as they make the move into the next school year.

Your well-written, informative and throughtful letter will help to end the school year on a positive note and leave students and their parents with warm memories of your classroom.