A Review of Software Products for School Administrators and Teachers

Overview (5 out of 5)

Software Technology Inc specializes in a variety of school administration software programs. Once the software is installed, the teaching faculty and school administration can concentrate more on educating their students as opposed to handling administrative tasks.

Information NOW (5 out of 5)

The purpose of this software is to link basically contrasting data to generate the type of information appropriately needed for the school administration. The striking feature is even if details such as attendance, discipline, and similar particulars are all separately entered, they will automatically find place in the relevant information sheets obviating the necessity to effect individual changes. The fact is the entire system is built on web based applications to preserve the data, thereby relieving IT resources of strains. Security is also taken care of, as usage is restricted to authorized persons only. The added advantage is, it is possible to retrieve data from wherever one is and make entries in real time.

STI Office (4 out of 5)

School administrations manage voluminous amounts of data for the schools in their districts. STI Office is designed to precisely fulfill this need. STI Office offers multiple modules for the user to choose from. These modules can be purchased separately and subsequently integrated if needed. Buying modules individually alleviates the financial burden to a district, and allows the administration to respond to changing requirements overtime. STI Office helps to automate several critical functions including student and teacher demographics, attendance, work schedules, grades, disciplinary issues, school fees, general correspondence and other documentation.

STI Assessment (5 out of 5)

This imaginatively designed software keeps track of a student’s proficiencies in various subjects throughout the student’s school career. The assessments are based on the standards utilized in the region. Progress reports of individual students, as well as aggregate reports of class or school can be obtained. STI Assessment software can aid educators in planning the curriculum, teaching methodology, valuation procedure and student placement. The software is capable of integrating with other student information systems to obtain overall reports.

STI Achievement (5 out of 5)

This software facilitates planning and effecting suitable modifications in teaching patterns aimed at improving a student's performance.

It helps educators gather many types of pertinent information that reflects the efficacy of teaching methodologies. Schools accustomed to formative assessments will now be in a better position to manage any variables. This software will aid educators to intermittently intervene throughout the year to rectify a student’s deficiencies in a given subject. It is also capable of providing a thorough analysis of available data and generating formative assessments for each student.

STI Special Education Tracking System (5 out of 5)

This software is designed to meet the administrative requirements regarding students with learning disabilities. The need for extensive interaction with guardians, special attention to their attendance and discipline issues, along with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are all met by this STI product. It can be integrated with the student information system to allow school administrators to monitor the progress of individual students. Further, this software is designed to generate the progress reports and other information required by many states. Student folders are created detailing the disabilities and associated data such as commuting arrangements, medical needs, special academic requirements and similar information.

Software Technology Inc. also offers special packages for managing school finances.