Tips to Prepare for Your First Year of Teaching

Prepare Lessons

Find time over the summer to prepare class lessons. Clip out interesting articles from the newspapers that could be used in class lessons. Go through the textbook you will use and create lessons now while you have free time. Once the school year starts life becomes very hectic.

So use summer time well to get some lesson plans done.You will be thankful as the year progresses that you already have many lessons planned. School days become very hectic with papers to grade, calls that must be made to parents and other tasks.Lesson planning is often done at home in the evening when a teacher is tired and longing for sleep.

So take some time on summer days and get a head start on lesson planning. This will greatly help you control stress once the school year starts.

Buy Supplies

Visit the local flea market and dollar store to stock up on supplies to decorate your classroom. Also buy some pencils and notebooks to give to students who have forgotten to bring supplies or whose family cannot afford supplies.

Fill a teacher supply box with items you will need such as sharpie markers, crayons, scissors, rulers or any other type of supplies that your school may not supply in the bulk you need.

Get Organized

Prepare a work space to use for your teaching work.You will need an organized place to grade papers and organize lesson plans.Ensure that your work space has the supplies you need and is readily available for work.

It is tedious to have to clear a space to do one’s work; thus create a special place to get your school work done in an organized and efficient manner.

Prepare Your Wardrobe

New teachers have to give up the casual clothes they wore in college and create a new wardrobe appropriate for a teacher. Over the summer visit discount stores and garage sales to find clothing and accessories for your new teaching career.

Ask around and see if anyone you know has any professional clothing they no longer use. Sometimes a woman may have left the work force after having children and may no longer have use for professional clothing. So put the word out you need clothing and accessories and you may get a pleasant surprise of donations of clothing for your new career.

Check Out Teaching Websites

Google the phrase “websites for teachers” to find a myriad of helpful websites for new teachers. Some great sites to check out include:,, and

Ask Teachers for Advice

Seasoned teachers have a lot of advice for someone just starting a teaching career. So ask relatives and friends who are or were teachers for advice.They will probably give you tips that will prove invaluable as you start your career.


Start an exercise program such as walking if you don’t exercise currently.Teaching is a challenging career. It is important to have ways, such as exercise, to distress after the school day. So start exercising now and get ready to have an energetic school year.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.


  • Teaching experience.