Ten Necessary Virtues of a Teacher

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Teaching is not easy, and many do not realize the demands and stress level that teachers bear. Any full-time job is grueling, but having to look out for and be responsible for thirty children at one time can be overwhelming. It takes a good many virtues to be a good teacher.

1. Patience

More than anything, teachers need patience. It is important to remember that not everyone learns at the same speed and that things are going to happen in the classroom that you have no control over. Teachers must learn to roll with the punches.

2. Self Control

There are going to be days when little Johnny has a rough morning, and he is going to take his feelings out on his teacher simply because he is young and does not know any better. Teachers need self control, so when Johnny mouths off to his teacher, he or she will be able to step back and ask Johnny, “What’s wrong with you this morning?”

3. Professionalism

Teachers are role models and need to remember that they are not students. In fact, students look up to their teachers, so they need to pride themselves on professionalism. Dress professionally and act professionally, and your students will take you seriously.

4. Attitude

Teachers need to possess a “can-do” attitude and encourage students that they can do anything as long as they put their minds to the task.

5. Fairness

Treat all students as fairly as you can; even though this doesn’t always seem easy.

6. Respect

If teachers respect their students, they will be respected by their students. This goes back to being a role model.

7. Intelligence

Teachers should demonstrate a high level of intelligence and knowledge. Teachers may not know all the answers, but they should know where to find the answers to the questions that they do not know.

8. Act Proactively

Do not react to situations; instead take a proactive approach and prevent situations from getting out of hand. Know how to deal with the student who disrupts class before he becomes a habitually disruptive student.

9. Integrity

Teachers should have morals and ethics and should not compromise their integrity.

10. Humor

Make learning fun for students and not only will you make it more memorable, you will enjoy teaching so much more and your students will value and respect you as a teacher so much more.