Using Online Math Programs for Building Math Skills in Students: Live MathBowl / Mathletics in Review

Using Online Math Programs for Building Math Skills in Students: Live MathBowl / Mathletics in Review
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Live MathBowl is one of the great online math programs that helps kids from the Kindergarten level to Grade 8 level in the USA with their mathematic skills. It has a global counterpart called Mathletics, which is an online math program available in Australia and the rest of the world. Mathletics covers mathematics from Kindergarten to Level 12. Both Live MathBowl and Mathletics are available on a subscription basis. Individuals or schools/organizations are eligible to subscribe. The subscription fee is normally $99/year for individuals. Pricing is different for schools/organizations. Members are able to access the e-learning program 24/7.

Curriculum Coverage of Live MathBowl / Mathletics

Basics: Counting, Everyday Maths, Numbers, Shapes, Patterns, Time and Data, Money, Addition, Subtraction, etc

Intermediate: Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Geometry, Decimals, Measurement, Data Analysis, etc

Advanced: Integers, Rational Numbers, Exponents and Square Roots, Ratio, Proportion, Percentage, Probability, Statistics, Algebra, etc

Pros of Live MathBowl / Mathletics Program

  • Offers various levels in learning mathematics. Adjustable by child’s abilities rather than age.
  • There are several practice activities before trying out the ‘test’ features.
  • Other than the curriculum section of this mathematics program, there are math games and ‘live maths’ sections as well.
  • The ‘live maths’ section allows children to play against the computer and/or against other children who are using the program at the same time. This section enables children to practice doing mathematics with time limits.
  • There is a built-in reward program, offering points and certificates when attaining certain goals. There is also a ‘top players’ list.
  • Reports are available and may be sent to parents/teachers.

Cons of Live MathBowl / Mathletics Program

  • Although rewards program is good, it can also be a challenge to keep children motivated under such a system.
  • Some competitive elements of the ‘live maths’ section may be too overwhelming for some children.
  • Items are usually varied, but they can be repetitive at times.

Overall Review of Live MathBowl / Mathletics (4 out of 5)

Accessing online math programs for kids like Live MathBowl / Mathletics is not an inexpensive exercise for parents or schools and organizations. However, it can prove to be very useful for children who need some mathematics practice at home or in school either as an extension program or as a remedial program. This e-learning program in particular has many interesting features and elements to it that can help kids improve their maths skills in an engaging way.

Live MathBowl / Mathletics also presents math learning in a very visual manner, making it beneficial to your visual learners. Also, the immediate feedback that children receive can help them understand their own thinking and problem-solving skills. The reports also can help parents and teachers identify areas of strengths, as well as areas that require improvement.

All things considered, Live MathBowl / Mathletics is definitely a program worth exploring.

Live MathBowl/Mathletics

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