The Benefits of Mobile in Filmmaking Education

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Mobile Learning Prepares Students for the Future

Being proficient in Microsoft Office is no longer a skill that sets one resume apart from others. Recent graduates and young professionals are required today to have a deep understanding of technology. Technology has seemingly won the filmmaking debate with a growing number of production facets turning to digital filmmaking and many directors opting to shoot entire films on their smartphones. Incorporating mobile technology in the classroom therefore only helps students better prepare themselves for a digital world.

Up-to-date Learning

In the fast-paced and constantly evolving filmic landscape, many published texts and resources are out of date. The internet is now considered the largest library in the world thanks to digital news and data platforms. Students can now find the information most essential to them at the touch of their fingertips, which only helps to keep them informed with the evolving world around them.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 47 percent of teachers strongly agree that students need to be virtually and digitally literate to find success both throughout their academics and in future careers. Various virtual learning environments are also housed online and help students across the globe not only connect with each other but to various experts in their fields.

Travelling Education

Learning should never be confined to the walls of a classroom. By embracing mobile learning, not only are you accepting that technology is the future of education but you are also encouraging your students to learn more on their own time.

Students can now collaborate on projects together without needing to be close to each other, which only helps when they are balancing the rest of their life with academics.

Mobile learning also allows students to have their notes and study materials with them constantly, allowing an almost constant intake of knowledge.

Mobile Learning Opens the Classroom Up to More Students

Thanks to the diffusion of virtual learning environments and similar online portals, larger numbers of students are able to study filmmaking online. Knowledge is one of man’s greatest assets. By embracing technology and the benefits it lends education, you are helping a larger number of students better themselves.

With filmmaking in particular, which requires its practitioners and students to leave the confines of a classroom or office, mobile learning can be one of the field’s greatest strengths, capable of shaping an entirely new generation of filmmakers.

Embracing mobile learning only helps the study of film and media by preparing aspiring filmmakers for a technologically advanced workplace.

About the Author

StJohn Smith has been starting and running organizations focused on encouraging young filmmakers to learn by doing to build their craft for the last 15 years. mVLE has grown out his passion for short film, and he has appeared as a guest speaker for the BFI, Film London and has written for the Media Education Association on the direction of technology in the classroom and how to introduce a successful flipped learning strategy with the help of great online platforms.