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At some point in every teacher’s career, you will discover a time where the tried and true teaching methods you have used successfully, sometimes, for years, no longer seem to work. This could be during a transition to a new school, a different grade, or even when the fall semester’s newest crop of students seems completely opposite of every class that came before.

Here you will find articles, tips and strategies from fellow educators who discuss the many methods they have used to motivate and inspire their students. From basic advice on keeping cool and keeping control of your classroom, to deeper discussions on the what, when and how of various methodologies, you will find information that will help you reach and teach your students.

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  • How to Use Movement in the Classroom to Keep Children Focused and Engaged
    Classroom management can be challenging aspects of teaching, especially when students have a lot of excess energy and no way to burn it off. Learn some useful tips for using movement to not only help students release extra energy, but also assist your them with memorable learning experiences.
  • How to Build a World Class Education System in the United States
    Compared to 33 other countries, the United States fell dead last in a “survey of worker numeracy, literacy and problem solving." What can we do to improve our system and ensure our children receive the best possible education?
  • Crowdsourcing to Make Your Classroom Dreams Come True
    The average teacher spends about $500 out of pocket on their class each year. One in 10 teachers spend over $1,000. However, some teachers are beginning to curtail these costs by using crowd-sourcing sites like Donor’s Choose or Go Fund Me to bring their classroom dreams alive.
  • Become Successful at Failing
    Even the highest-achieving kids are going to fail now and then. Eventually, they will even fail at something big. Help your child or student learn how to fail better.
  • Like It or Not, Students Love Their Mobile Devices for Learning
    It is impossible to deny that technology has completely reshaped contemporary education. Getting on board with mobile learning will not only help your students feel more comfortable in the classroom but will also create a stimulating learning environment.
  • Top 5 Tools for 3D Printing in the Classroom
    The future holds exciting opportunities as researchers and educators apply the potential of 3D technology to education. Many schools recognize the advantages of implementing 3D printing. This new technology allows teachers to print custom models that can help reinforce traditional learning methods.
  • Closing the Achievement Gap for Elementary Students
    With summer quickly approaching, parents and teachers are concerned about the amount of learning that students lose over the break. Discover some solutions to keep kids from losing valuable skills over the summer so they can return to school in the fall ready to learn again.
  • 5 Main Advantages of Game-Based Learning
    What kind of advantages does game-based learning present to you and your classroom?
  • Reading in the U.S.: What Educators Need to Know
    What can you do to improve literacy and love of reading in your classroom?
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