Activities to Keep Gifted Children Motivated in the Classroom

Meeting the needs of gifted children can be a difficult task for teachers. There are some simple modifications that can be made to help keep gifted students interested in learning.

Reading Lists

Create an advanced reading list for the gifted students in the class. Give them the opportunity to do book reports on the books for extra credit. This motivates them to read more advanced books, while still earning credit for them.


Giving the gifted child the opportunity to advance in the lessons can help keep them from getting bored. Allow them to move ahead of the rest of the class. Have a discussion with the child and parents to decide if this is a good option for the gifted child. Explain the pros and cons of the advancement thoroughly.


Give the gifted children modified assignments. Modify the lessons to make them more challenging for the gifted children in the classroom. This is a great way to keep them involved with what the rest of the class is doing, while it still challenges them intellectually.

Create a Group for the Gifted Children

Create a group for the gifted children that lets them work on advanced projects. These projects can be created to cover each of the different subjects they are studying in the classroom. This also gives them the chance to spend time with other gifted children. A lot of times gifted students do not like being removed from the regular classroom for extended periods of time. This group can be organized to meet after school, before school, or during study periods.

Special Projects

Most gifted children can finish their class work quickly. This leaves them with nothing to do. Let them use their spare time to work on special projects related to the current material that is being studied in class. This challenges them and keeps them busy in the classroom.

Be Creative

Use your knowledge of the gifted child’s interests to come up with other creative ideas to keep them interested in learning. The extra time and effort it takes to come up with ideas will be rewarded when you see that the boredom is gone and the gifted children are more motivated to continue learning.

Inspire Your Gifted Students

Remember, gifted students’ lessons and instructional planning might have slight variances in context and outcome, but lessons should still be fun and engaging. Providing gifted students with accessible learning materials and learning goals will go a long way towards igniting their fire and passion for learning.

If you have any other suggestions for keeping gifted students engaged in the classroom then please post a comment.