Gifted and Exceptional Learners: Ideas For Class Projects

Flexibility and Creativity

Most students enjoy having some flexibility in their assignments, but it is especially important to exceptional learners to be allowed to exercise their creativity. Literature assignments lend themselves well to this type of creativity. By allowing your students to choose the type of project they want to complete, they are able to exercise some control over their learning environment and give you the best work they are capable of. Here are some project ideas that may fit well into your gifted program.

Short Term Projects:

  • Advertise your book as if it were a movie. Create theater posters and produce a movie trailer.
  • Create and videotape a newscast of an important event that took place in the book.
  • Create and print a newspaper from the events in your book. Include important world events, local news, births and deaths, weather, and the classifieds. Print enough copies for your classmates.
  • Choose two characters from your book and write a series of letters back and forth from each character's perspective.
  • Make a scrapbook one of the characters in your book could have created.
  • Recreate the book in comic strip form.
  • Create an alternate ending for the book.

Long-Term Projects:

  • Keep a reading journal. This is a list of the books you want to read, have read, and want to recommend. Record the title and author, list of characters and their descriptions, and a summary of the plot. Include a book review and a list of people you think would enjoy reading the book.
  • Write an author bio. Read several books by the same author. Compare and contrast each of the books. Research the author. Most authors have their own website and are pleased to respond to emails. It would be fun to conduct an interview with the author to include in this project.
  • Become a book reviewer for

If you are working with an exceptional student who has taken an interest in literature, take steps to help them find a mentor. You can start with the high school or local community college. There are many online writing sites that are free to join and operate as a writing workshop.