Two Downloadable Worksheets for Mean, Median and Mode: Free Resource for Your Elementary Math Class

The Three Ms

The study of mean, median and mode is central to math education of elementary students all around. It is important to master these concepts at an early age because math classes build upon themselves. As students progress into middle school and high school, they will be expected to know how to find the average of a group of numbers. Students will continue to see problems that deal with these concepts as they venture into lab sciences, like physics. There are also many college level math and science classes that expect students to understand how to find the mean, median and mode. It can be challenging for students to have to relearn an elementary math skill when they are trying to incorporate it into new material. That is why it is so important for students to establish a strong understanding of this lesson during their elementary school years.


There are many ways you can teach mean, median and mode in your classroom. You can use creative activities and games to introduce and reinforce the material, but it is especially important that your students get a good amount of practice with problems on their own. That is why worksheets are such a great resource. Here are two worksheets examples that will help your students succeed.

  • Click here for a printable worksheet on mean median and mode – This worksheet is designed to test student knowledge of the material. Have your students come up with their own definitions of each concept. If a student can explain something in their own way that makes sense to them, it will increase their ability to internalize and remember the information, instead of just temporarily memorizing the concepts.

There are many ways to use these worksheets. You can do the problems together as a class, split the class into groups and have them work together, allow time in class for independent practice, or assign the worksheet as homework. It is always important to review the worksheets in class, highlighting the correct answers so that students can see where they made errors and learn to correct their mistakes.

Additional Ideas

It is a great idea to be as creative as possible when teaching this lesson because it will assist students in learning material they will need to know throughout their educational career. There are many ways you can utilize creative strategies in your teaching. One way is to have your students come up with a song about mean, median and mode or come up with a catchy phrase that will help your students remember the process.

Because this lesson is so heavily reliant on a student’s comfort level with the material as well as their ability to do the work quickly, the more they practice the better they will become. As with all homework or classwork assignments, practicing the problems on these worksheets will help your students understand the concepts and encourage them to come back to class with any questions they might have.