5th Grade Nutrition Display Board Ideas

5th Grade Nutrition Display Board Ideas
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Food Pyramid

Nutrition units usually center on the food pyramid, so why not work that into a 5th grade nutrition display board? First, create a food pyramid out of construction paper on the bulletin board, and label each section. You can also include information on how many servings of each type of food you need each day. Now, make the bulletin board interactive. Ask students to either:

  • Create a day’s sample menu on the computer, print it out, and paste it to bright colored construction paper. The menu should include the recommended number of servings from the Food Pyramid for one day. Post the menus around the edge of the Food Pyramid.
  • Draw, color, and cut out pictures of food that belong in each section of the Food Pyramid to show examples of what types of food would satisfy the recommended number of servings. Students can also cut out food photos from magazines.
  • Choose their favorite section of the Food Pyramid, type up a paragraph about why it’s their favorite with examples of foods from this section, and paste the paragraph on construction paragraph to display around the Food Pyramid.

Healthy Eating Contest

Another easy 5th grade nutrition display board is one that displays a healthy eating contest. First, explain the contest to your students. You can do it one of two ways: students can bring in notes from their parents when they eat healthy snacks at home; or if you have a snack time at school, you can just look at the snacks students bring to school or choose from your classroom or cafeteria. All students names are written on a chart, and the chart is placed on a bulletin board under the slogan: “Look At My Healthy Snacking.” Each time a student eats a healthy snack, according to your specficied contest criteria, he gets a sticker next to his name. At the end of the designated period, whoever eats the most healthy snacks wins a prize. Hopefully, you will give out more than one prize because there will be a tie!

To make the bulletin board more colorful, students can draw and color a picture of one of their favorite healthy snacks to post around the chart.

Watch Out

Another 5th grade nutrition display board is “Watch Out!” With this bulletin board, students create pictures of unhealthy foods or foods that people often think are healthy, but really aren’t–such as some fruit smoothies. Students can also cut out photos from magazines. At the top of the bulletin board, put the words, WATCH OUT. Then students should post their photos with a brief explanation of why this particular food is on the bulletin board.

Another idea for a 5th grade nutrition display board that is similar is for students to create WANTED posters for too much sugar, fat, sodium, etc. These WANTED posters are similar to the ones that students have probably seen in Wild West cartoons and movies. Basically, students are saying these nutrition villains need to be rounded up and watched–or they will pollute your body.

Have fun with 5th grade nutrition display boards!