Three "Ramona Quimby Age 8" Quizzes to Test your 3rd Grade Student's Knowledge

Three "Ramona Quimby Age 8" Quizzes to Test your 3rd Grade Student's Knowledge
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Ramona is an active, opinionated third grader! In fact, her teacher says she is a show-off and a nuisance. Many funny things happen in the book as well as lots of family struggles. By the end, Ramona realizes that she has a pretty great family. Help your class review vocabulary and comprehension by using these quizzes.


Fill in the blank with the words from this word bank:

  • commotion
  • quivery
  • calamity
  • cross
  • talking-to
  • defiant
  • exasperation
  • nuisance

1. My stomach felt _____________when I waited in line to ride the roller coaster. (quivery)

2. Mother was ____________when I threw the ball and broke the vase. (cross)

3. When the young boy was caught stealing in the store, the store manager gave him a good_______________. (talking-to)

4. Tyler dropped his lunch try in the cafeteria and made quite a ____________. (commotion)

5. Father called Jim three times to come to dinner but Jim was being _________and would not come. (defiant)

6. On the way to Grandmother’s house John was being a ___________ because he kept kicking the seat. (nuisance)

7. “Do I have to clean my room now?” Sues whined in _______________. (exasperation)

8. First we burned the toast, dropped eggs on the floor and then broke a glass! I wonder what will be the next______________. (calamity)

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Willa Jean and why is she a problem?

(She is the four-year-old granddaughter of Ramona’s babysitter. Ramona was “forced” to play with her everyday.)

2. What happened when Ramona took a hard-boiled egg to school for lunch?

(It wasn’t really hard-boiled and she cracked it on her head. It made a big mess.)

3. Name two reasons why Ramona was excited about school.

(She got to ride a bus. No one in the new school would know that she was Beatrice’s (Beezus) little sister. Third-graders were the oldest in the school.)

4. How did Ramona always sign her name?

(Ramona Quimby, Age 8)

True or False

Underline the part that is false and write or say the correct word to make the statement true.

1. Beezus was mad at her mother because she was not allowed to go to the mall. (False- a sleepover not the mall)

2. Father gave Ramona a new book bag for the first day of school. (False- an eraser not a book bag)

3. The family ate spaghetti at a fancy restaurant on a rainy Sunday in November. (False:hamburgers not spaghetti)

4. Mrs. Whaley called Ramona a show-off and a nuisance. (True)

5. Father was studying to be a doctor (False- an art teacher not a doctor)

6. Ramona told Willa Jean that she could not play because she had to do Sustained Silent Reading. (True)

7. Ramona called the boy who stole her eraser Yard Ape. (True)

8. A young woman paid for the family’s dinner at the restaurant. (False- an old man paid for it)

9. Ramona learned that all families have ups and downs. (True)

10. When Ramona got sick at school she had to ride home on the city bus. (False-a taxi cab not a bus)

11. Father stayed home from work to take care of Ramona when she was sick. (False- Mother not Father)

12. Ramona thought she had a “nice sticking-together family”. (True)