Creating A Teacher Web Page Using TeacherWeb

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No Need For Training

TeacherWeb is a miracle resource for those who wish to have their own teacher web page but know nothing about HTML code, Linux or other web building tools. Most people who create their own websites or web pages which look organized and aesthetically pleasing, go through months if not years of training. With TeacherWeb, no intense website creating education is required. The teacher can simply select which template works for him or her and begin to toy with the graphics and categories of what is available, as easily as putting together a PowerPoint presentation. They will not need to worry about spacing and other trivial things that can take a web page from fantastic to crowded and ugly if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Teachers will also save themselves the money of hiring someone to build their web page for them.

Instant Access

It can take as little as 15 minutes to create a teacher web page if using a template and thinking out what you want to include ahead of time. Once designed, your site is up and running almost instantly. This is the perfect way to show off just before an evaluation or at an interview.

If you choose to start out with the 30 day free trial, you will automatically continue unless you choose to cancel. If you choose to continue the service, your web page will stay as is. You will have no gap in availability of your site or loss of any part of your service. This continuity will benefit your class. You can use the first 30 days as a test run to see what you might want to change and to make sure creating a teacher web page or website is beneficial to you. Once you see how excited your students and administrators are about your new resource and product, you will not likely give it up so easily.

Other Features

The site also features WebQuests, which are lessons that are conducted entirely online. Not to replace standard teaching, these technological tools can help enrich technology lessons for students. TeacherWeb also has a Digital Locker section which provides storage space for teachers and students to store their data online safely. This also gives teachers a way to collaborate with other teachers at a distance. You can add your own podcasts, videos, photos and blog posts as well. You class calendar, grade book, and teacher bio can also be posted here. Use it as a way to post homework assignments for your students who are away or as a way to remind them of what is due and when.


If you like what you see during the 30 day trial period, you can purchase your space for the entire year at only $50 (if you do not mind your domain name being an extension of TeacherWeb). Costs go up if you insist on having your own domain name which is not directly associated with

Classroom Uses

I would highly recommend this website for those teachers who have parents that are actively involved in their children’s education, as the parents can also check up on and participate in their children’s class experience with you from home and help in making their children more responsible students. Younger students will enjoy learning about using the Internet with your page, however, if you have older students in middle or high school, they can also participate in the building of the web page. They can learn about how to organize and construct their own site using the free trial or be responsible for updating the class web page for you.

Teacher web pages and classroom websites like TeacherWeb will give students, parents and educators excellent experience with technology that they can use to continue to grow and extend their knowledge in this high-tech, global world.