Hollywood Bulletin Board & Film Strip Story Line for Elementary Students

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Movie Clapper Board Madness

Instruct students to each bring one 3 by 5 inch photo of themselves to school. Give each student one question related to a book that also has a film adaptation. Use a book covered in a previous lesson plan for your classroom questions. Instruct students to answer these questions on one large index card.

Creating the Bulletin Board

Cover your Hollywood bulletin board with red construction paper or fadeless paper. Attach strips of black or silver trim around the edges of the bulletin board to create a noticeable border. Guide your students in creating 4 by 5 inch squares using one sheet of black construction paper each. Teach students how to cut strips of white construction paper into long 1 by 5 inch rectangles. Instruct students to punch one hole in the upper left side of their large square. Repeat the hole punching step for the middle of each white rectangle.

Guide students in dividing their white rectangle strip into five or more sections using a pencil. These sections should all match in width. Instruct students to fill in every other section using a black crayon. Teach students how to attach the white rectangle strips on top of their black squares using a brass fastener. Place the brass fastener through the holes of both pieces of construction paper. You will have created a Hollywood clapper board decoration.

Teach students how to write their name under the white and black colored clapper board strip using school glue. Allow children to add glitter, beads or colored yarn to the glue while it is wet. Instruct the students on how to attach their photographs to the black construction paper square under their name. Use invisible tape or school glue to secure the photos in place. Allow the glue to dry and then staple each clapper board decoration on top of your red bulletin board paper. Staple the answers from each student on your Hollywood bulletin board under their photo.

Film Strip Storyline

Instruct students to write their own short story using a horror, comedy, drama or action theme. Each short story should include eight vocabulary words or one math problem from your most recent lesson plan and be completed in three to five sentences. Cover your bulletin board with white fadeless paper and black trim. Draw two horizontal film strips that include one dozen or more frames to match the number of students in your classroom. You can also download and print a film strip template from clipart or coloring page websites and staple them to this Hollywood bulletin board. Instruct students to translate their short story into spanish for homework.

Ask students to bring in a photo of them dressed in a character from their story as an additional homework assignment. The translation should be written on notebook paper using every other line so the story is double spaced. Help students cut their spanish translations into thin strips of paper. These paper strips will become spanish subtitles for your student’s film frames. Staple the photo of one student inside the first frame of the top film strip on your bulletin board. Attach the subtitle strips on top of his or her photo using invisible tape. Staple their original short story inside the first frame on the bottom film strip. Repeat this process alternating between the top and bottom frames until your film strips are covered with photos, Spanish subtitles and stories from all students.