Book Report Software for the Classroom: Write a Book Report with Peek-A-Book

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Who Should Use this Software/Website

The child-friendly and endearing puppet, Annie the Bookbird, guides students through the process of writing a book report thoroughly and in a fun way. I would most recommend this program for children around the third grade level who are experiencing book reports for the first time. Those with a few years of report-writing under their belts will not likely need this help, but can still use the Peek-A-Book program to refresh other related skills such as the proper and most effective way to take notes. This book report software can also help those who are unsure what information goes in each part of a book report from the Introduction, to the Body and ending with the Conclusion.


Printable handouts are included in this book report software program that will give students something to refer to. Printables include a sample book report based on the fictitious book discussed in the video in the Peek-A-Book program called, Billy’s Night in the Woods. Students can also print instructions on writing the book report, a printout of examples of good note-taking, and instructions for note-taking which include their own acronym to help students remember how to take basic notes. The program uses the acronym BAPO, which stands for Brief, Abbreviations, Page Numbers, and Opinions, all of which should be included in good notes as they read a book. Students should be especially able to identify with abbreviations as the teacher can make the connection to the abbreviations used in texting, and relate this skill to the students’ note taking needs.

Online Resources for Peek-A-Book

Online, Peek-A-Book also offers other features intended to encourage students to explore the library and use more of a variety of resources available there. Fun characters such as Billy the Bookworm and Annie the Bookbird guide students through learning how a library is organized so that they can learn to find their desired books and other materials independently and thus, be in charge of their own library learning.

Peek-A-Book also hosts a Book Club in which students earn points as they read and can earn fun rewards. Teachers can make use of the site as well, as presentations on new books and materials are updated regularly.

The site features Book Trailers, similar to movie previews, to recommend books to children, as teachers can be the first to tell you that what their students want to read is usually a book they have seen their teacher enjoy as well. Students can enjoy individual and independent exploration of the site during enrichment and tutorial times as well, without needing a great deal of help from the teacher, or much preparation time for the teacher.

Peek-A-Book Overall Grade

Overall, the Peek-A-Book program should be a valuable asset to any elementary classroom as they begin to get to know the library, books, and higher level skills evaluating what they read. Most of all, Peek-A-Book helps to make books that are not always the books students would normally choose to read, enjoyable and exciting again.

Try out some of the fascinating and fun features of Peek-A-Book with no obligation at or contact the company to request a demo copy of this book report writing software program.