How Elementary School Playgrounds Help Kids Socially

Children and the School Playground

Elementary school playgrounds are often the paramount location where children will grow and start learning social skills. Not only are social skills useful at a young age, their important and imperative nature grows as they learn to deal with other people. School playgrounds not only provide a safe sanctuary where children can learn to communicate with others, but they are also the first place where children develop friendships and learn to deal with the rules of society. A child's imagination and creativity are fostered as they play on the school playground.


To begin, school playgrounds are the first place where children learn to deal with other people. Children learn how to associate with others as they share and communicate for turns on school playground equipment. The social skills that they learn and use at a young age to deal with others grow into a more mature social understanding as they learn and grow in understanding. School playgrounds provide a stable starting foundation where bricks are added as they grow and mature.

Next, school playgrounds provide an environment where they are able to learn and follow rules. They learn how to deal with others by following a given set of guidelines that are implemented as they wait to play on a piece of playground equipment. School playgrounds not only provide an environment where they are able to engross themselves in physical activity, but it provides a place where children are able to implement the accordance of rules that they have developed. As they practice on the playground equipment more and more, they also learn the consequences when one of these rules is broken. Cooperation and self-confidence are also developed as they bond with others while learning new skills and techniques.

Imagination and Creativity

Furthermore, young imaginations are also nurtured and matured as children spend time on the playground. At a young age, children are able to imagine fictional worlds and use school playground equipment as props for the scenario that they are picturing. A simple jungle gym can easily be converted into a home with the simple imagination of a young child. Playgrounds are an abyss supply of resources that are used to foster the imagination of young children. As children are eager to head outside to play on playground equipment, their minds and imagination grow endlessly.

The Seeds of Friendship

School playgrounds also provide a location where numerous young friendships are started. As children share time on playground equipment, they build bonds that no other resource can match. Children also picture difficult quandaries and peaceful scenarios where they help one another, in turn developing a bond that is unable to be emulated by any other activity.


The time that children spend on the school playground helps them to learn valuable life skills that are difficult to reproduce by other activities. Investing money in a playground where children will grow brings endless new experiences into their lives. The social skills that they learn on the playground are skills that they will carry on for the duration of their lives. Children also learn how to follow rules as they adhere to guidelines that have been set. The foundations for lifelong friendships and imagination are also laid on the playground. While some may say that books are the foundation of knowledge, school playgrounds are the foundations for so much more.