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Shelly Lovett

Kindergarten teachers are always trying to look for new and more entertaining ways to get the students involved in the classroom. Shelley A. Lovett has compiled free and paid for educational material for teachers to use in a younger class setting such as free printable worksheets for kindergarten. Lovett’s website is

Free Printables (4 out of 5)

On this site you can join the free printables email list which means that every time a new printable is put on the website you as a free subscriber will be notified. Printables include but are not limited to:

  • File Folder Games
  • Shape Books
  • Counting Books
  • Feelings Worksheets
  • Shape Match Games
  • Color Books
  • Number Puzzles
  • Alphabet File Folder Games
  • Alphabet Worksheets
  • Finger Play Games
  • Seasonal and Holiday Printables

All printables and games are aimed for ages 3 to 5 and can be printed in either color or black and white.


Other Material (4 out of 5)

When you first enter the Childcareland website you will see on the left hand side a column with various links including:

  • · What’s New?
  • · File Folder Games
  • · Themes
  • · Learning Centers
  • · Forms
  • · Lacing Cards
  • · Shapes
  • · Matching Mats
  • · Letters & Numbers
  • · Circle Time Fun
  • · Calendar Numbers
  • · Awards
  • · Download Store
  • · Daily Art Project
  • · Daily Learning Sheet
  • · Free Printables
  • · Teaching Ideas
  • · Video Teaching Tips
  • · Image Gallery
  • · Weekly Poll Results
  • · Topic Of The Week
  • · Flash Learning Pages
  • · How To
  • · Felt Board Ideas
  • Early Childhood Printables
  • · Cute Keepsakes
  • · Banner Exchange
  • · Order
  • · Contact

The site is very easy to search through and all material is nicely compiled. I had no trouble finding my way through various links.

CD’s & Other Goodies (4 out of 5)

The website allows for you to order educational material either through the download store or by ordering a CD. The Download Store contains material which can be downloaded instantly ranging from $4.50 to $9.95. The Download Store shows exactly what is included in each download and educational packet.

The File Folder Games you can order on CD are sold in volumes. There are seven different volumes which contain various themes. CD’s include both color and black and white options as well. These CD’s sell for $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

Early Childhood Learning Center CD’s include hundreds of pages and are sold in themes such as Thanksgiving or various Animals. Center CD’s include black and white or color printing options and cost $14.95 plus shipping and handling. These CD’s includes a plethora of worksheets and file folder games. Worksheets focus mainly on alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors.

The site also offers teaching ideas, teaching video tips, and flash activities for the students. The flash activities include alphabet, number, and sight word activities all for free. Overall this is a great additional resource for any kindergarten teacher who needs extra help with setting up her curriculum. Whah kindergarten teacher wouldn’t love free printable worksheets?