Elementary Superlative Awards - Funny Awards for Students

Elementary Superlative Awards - Funny Awards for Students
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Making Superlative Awards

Finishing the year with a superlative awards show is a lighthearted way for teachers to tell the students that they enjoyed working with them throughout the year. Plus, the stress of end of the year achievement tests can take the stuffing out of any person, students and teachers. So teachers, end your year right and spread positivity with creative certificates. Select Award Types It is my opinion that if you are going to give out fun awards that you need to give one to every student in the classroom or class. Many students are hoarders and keep this kind of stuff in special places in their bedrooms. One or two students may throw the certificate it into the trash as soon as they leave; however, more students will take them home and put them on the refrigerator. So, you do not want to leave anyone out of the award process. As the teacher, you need to be thoughtful in your award giving. Each students needs to feel special. Certificate Awards Categories:

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  • Silliest Story Teller
  • Silliest Joke Teller
  • Best Sharer
  • Most Creative Drawer
  • Neatest Coloring in the Lines Artist
  • Best Giver of Compliments
  • Best Conflict Manager
  • Neatest Desk or Binder Keeper
  • Most Organized Cubby or Locker Keeper
  • Strongest Speller
  • Sweetest Smile
  • Best Story Teller
  • Strongest Multiplier
  • Kindest Helper
  • Kindest Listener
  • Best Dancer
  • Strongest Hop Scotch Player
  • Best Jump Roper
  • Best Line Leader
  • Best Fashionista
  • Strongest Aloud Reader
  • Best Collector of Items
  • Best Cleaner Upper
  • Best Getting Teacher off Topic Talker
  • Best Note Taker
  • Nicest Handwriting
  • Most Creative Thinker
  • Most Creative Decorator
  • Strongest Group Leader
  • Strongest Follower of Directions
  • Most Outrageous Outfits
  • Most Interesting Collection of Items in Locker

[caption id="" align=“aligncenter” width=“600”]Superlative awards - funny awards for students Use the links below to help create great awards[/caption]

Making the Certificates Once you have chosen the awards for the students, you need to make them. This can be a time consuming process, unless you use templates. If you happen to have PageMaker Software you can make certificates using this software. They can be very personalized. However, you can also go online and use free certificate templates for Microsoft Word. I tried to use this website with my Mac computer and had little success. However, with my PC I had little problems downloading the two example certificates in the article. Some certificates on this website are able to be manipulated in many ways. However, some only allow you to type a few different phrases, such as the school name, your name, and the student’s name. It will take a little time to choose the right certificates and personalize them for your classroom. These fun superlative awards can make students walk away from the year on a positive note. They take a little time; however, the smiles they will bring will be well worth it. Resources/References: Certificate Builder Certificate Awards