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Learning Hindi: "Taking a Bus Ride."

written by: Sonal Panse • edited by: Rebecca Scudder • updated: 10/21/2012

If you're visiting India, you will sooner or later need to take a bus ride. You want to know how to ask for it! This article includes some basic phrases that can be useful if you want to learn Hindi conversation.

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    Learn Hindi Conversation

    In this learning Hindi article, we'll take a look at Hindi conversational phrases on the topic 'Taking a Bus Ride'. The Hindi phrases used here are the colloquial sort that have a sprinkling of English words. Bus, for instance, is an English word that is widely used in everyday conversation. The proper Hindi words would be 'Gadi' or 'Bus Gadi.' Those words are used, but most people seem to prefer 'bus.'

    A few things to keep in mind:

    The best way to learn Hindi fast is to use it in regularly in everyday situations. You must practice it often. Keep things formal when you speak Hindi to strangers. That means 'Aap' reigns. That reminds me of the old story about people in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, India. They were so well-cultured and well-mannered, insisting on 'Aap phahile' - You first - that they never ever got in through the bus door and missed the bus entirely.

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    Important Phrases

    Excuse me, where is the bus stop? - Suniye/Maaf kijiye, bus stop kahan hai?

    I'm looking for the bus stop - Main bus stop dhoond raha hoon.

    I want to go to the bus stop - Main bus stop jana chahata hoon

    Is this the bus stop for XYZ? - XYZ jaane ke liye, yehi bus stop hai?

    When/What time is the bus for XYZ? - XYZ ke liye bus kitne baje hain?

    Where can I get a bus to XYZ? - XYZ jaane ke liye bus kahan milegi?

    Where is this bus going? - Yeh bus kahan ja rahi hain?

    Get in line - Katar main jaon.

    Stand in line - Katar main khade raho.

    How much is the bus ticket to XYZ? - XYZ jaane ke liye, bus ticket/bus bhada kitna hai?

    What is the price? - Kitni kimmat hai?

    I want one, two, three tickets - Mujhe ek, do, teen ticket chahiyeh

    I want a half ticket for my child - Mujhe mere bacche ke liye aadha ticket chahiyeh

    Do you have change? - Aapke pas chuttay hai?

    What time does the bus arrive? - Bus kitne baje aayegi?

    The bus is late - Bus aaj deri se hai

    The bus is crowded - Bus main jada bheed hai

    Would you like to sit down? - Aapko baithana hai?

    Can you move aside a bit? - Aap jara bajoo ho jayenge?

    You sit down here - Aap yahan baitho

    Where are you going? - Aap kahan ja rahe ho?

    Are you going there for the first time? - Aap wahan pahili baar ja rahe ho?

    When is the bus going to start? - Bus kab chalegi?

    Is there still time for the bus to leave - Bus chalne ko deri hai kya?

    No smoking in the bus - Bus main dhumrapan karna mana hai

    Is it my stop? - Yeh mera stop hai kya?

    Can you tell me when my stop comes? - Aap mujhe batayenge mera stop jab aayega tab?

    I would like to get off here, please - Mujhe yahaan utarna hai

    Watch out for pickpockets in crowded buses - Bheedwali bus main packetmaaron se bachke rahon.

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    A bit - Jara

    Aside - Bajoo

    Bus - Bus, Gadi, Bus Gadi

    Change (money) - Chuttay

    Child - Bachha (m.), Bacchi (f.)

    Crowd - Bheed

    Excuse me - Suniye (also, listen), Maaf karna

    First time - Pahili baar

    Half - Aadha

    Here - Yahan

    I - Main

    Late - Deri

    Line - Katar

    My - Mera

    Not allowed - Mana hai

    Pickpocket - Packetmaar

    Smoking - Dhumrapan

    There - Wahan

    Time - Baje

    To arrive - Aana

    To get off - Utarna

    To go/depart/leave - Jana

    To sit - Baithana

    To start - Chalna (also, to walk)

    To tell - Batana

    Watch out - Bachke rahon

    When - Kab

    Where - Kahan

    You - Aap (formal)

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    The phrases and vocabulary used in this Learning Hindi lesson can be downloaded here. Please also see 'Learn to Speak Hindi: Visiting the Vegetable Market' here on Bright Hub Education.