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Learning Hindi Terms for Means of Transportation

written by: Sonal Panse • edited by: Rebecca Scudder • updated: 3/2/2012

Hindi is one of the national languages of India. This article tells you some basic Hindi phrases related to means of transportation. You will also find a Hindi vocabulary list to download for your reference.

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    Hindi is spoken and understood in nearly all parts of India. It is also widely spoken elsewhere in the world. Learning Hindi can come in handy whether you happen to be visiting the country or are interacting with people from the Indian diaspora. It is also an interesting language to learn.

    In this article, we will take a look at some Hindi phrases on the subject 'Means of Transportation'. As you will notice, many English words have crept into the Hindi language and are used as they are in daily colloquial speech. It has become somewhat rare to find very pure Hindi being spoken in the cities, although you do come across it in the rural areas.

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    Means of transportation - Yatayat ke sadhan

    • In the city, you can travel by city bus, auto-rickshaw and taxi. Previously there used to be tongas or horse carriages, but you don't find these anymore.
    • Shahar main, aap bus se, rickshaw se aur taxi se yatayat kar sakte hain. Pahilay tonga aur ghoda-gadi huva kartay the, lekin yeh aab dikhahi nahi detay.
    • You can travel by bus, by car, by truck, by train, by airplane, by ship, by bicycle, by motorcycle, and by foot.
    • Aap safar bus se kar sakte hai, car se kar sakte hai, truck se kar sakte hai, train se kar sakte hai, airplane se kar sakte hai, jahaaj se kar sakte hai, motorcycle se kar sakte hai, cycle se kar sakte hai, aur paidal kar sakte hai.
    • We will cross the river in a boat
    • Hum nav se nadi paar karenge.
    • I ride a bicycle
    • Main cycle chalati hoon (f.)
    • Main cycle chalata hoon. (m.)
    • I drive a car
    • Main car chalati hoon (f.)
    • Main car chalata hoon. (m.)
    • I travel by public bus
    • Main sarvajanik bus se safar karti hoon (f.)
    • Main sarvajanik bus se safar karta hoon. (m.)
    • I travel by local train.
    • Main local train se safar karti hoon (f.)
    • Main local train se safar karta hoon. (m.)
    • You need a license to drive a car or a motor-cycle.
    • Car aur motorcycle chalane ke liye license ki jaroorat hai
    • You do not need a license to ride a bicycle.
    • Cycle chalane ke liye license ki awashakta nahi hai
    • Hello, I am looking for the bus-stop.
    • Namaste, main bus-stop dhund rahi hoon. (f.)
    • Namaste, main bus-stop dhund raha hoon. (m.)
    • Do you know where the bus-stop is? Can you tell me, please?
    • Aap jaante hai bus-stop kahaan hai? Kripaya, mujhe bata sakte hai?
    • Where is the train station?
    • Train station kahan hai?
    • How do I get to the airport?
    • Main airport kaise jaoon?
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    • Where can I buy a ticket?
    • Main ticket kahan kharid sakti hoon? (f.)
    • Main ticket kahan kharid sakta hoon? (m.)
    • What is the price of the ticket?
    • Ticket ki kimmat kya hai?
    • I would like to make two train reservations for 7th July.
    • Muhje 7 (saat) July ke liye do train reservation karne hai.
    • What time does the bus leave?
    • Bus kitne baje jayegi?Bus jaane ka samay kya hai?
    • Is it a long trip?
    • Yeh safar lamba hai kya?Kitna lamba safar hai yeh?
    • Where do you want to go?
    • Aapko kahan jana hai?Aap kahan jana chahate hai?
    • I want to go to XYZ
    • Muhje XYZ jaana hai
    • Can I see your ticket, please?
    • Main kripaya aapka ticket dekh sakti hoon kya? (f.)
    • Main kripaya aapka ticket dekh sakta hoon kya? (m.)
    • Of course, here it is.
    • Jaroor, ye lijiye.
    • Put your luggage on the luggage rack.
    • Aap aapka saaman upar rack par rakh dijiye.
    • Excuse me, I think you are sitting in my seat. Can you please move?
    • Maf kijiye, mujhe lagta hai ki aap meri jagha par baithe hai. Aap kripaya doosri jaghaha jayenge kya?
    • There are no means of transportation here
    • Yahan yatayat ka koi sadhan nahin milega
    • There is a lot of traffic on the road.
    • Sadak par bahut yatayat hai.
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    You can download the Hindi vocabulary used in this article at the following link -