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Learning Hindi

An adult body consists of various parts – the head, the neck, the torso, arms, legs, bones, blood, hands and feet. The human body is a combination of various systems - the Circulatory System (heart, blood, vessels), the Respiratory System (nose, trachea, lungs), the Immune System (many types of protein, cells, organs, tissues), the Skeletal System (bones), the Excretory System (lungs, large intestine, kidneys), the Urinary System (bladder, kidneys), the Muscular System (muscles), the Endocrine System (glands), the Digestive System (mouth, stomach, intestines), the Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, nerves) and the Reproductive System (male and female reproductive organs). It is a complex workshop. Where ever we are, of what ever age we are we need to take care of our body and this unique workshop endowed on us by God.

When traveling through India the dialect changes every ten miles. Still, if you want to learn the ost commonly spoken and understood language in India learning Hindi is your best bet. In this article you can learn Hindi words for different body parts. The words mentioned below are not only understood in India but in the entire subcontinent to a large extent.

The Body in total is known as Badan

Skull-Khopadee | Face- _Chehra |_Head-Sir | Forehead- Matha

Hair-Baal |Eyes-Aankh | Eyelid-Palak | Eyebrows-Bhoinye

Ear-Kaan | Lips-Honth | Mouth-Munh | Tongue-Jeebh

Tooth-Daant | Cheeks-Gaal | Neck-Gardan | Chin-Thodee

Nose-Naak | Shoulder-Kandha | Arm-Bazoo | Hands-Haath

Finger-Oonglee | Nail-Naakhoon | Elbow-K_ohnee |_ Palm-_Hatheli_

Chest-Chaathee | Heart-Dil | Rib or Ribs-Pasalee | Liver-Pita, Jiga

Stomach-_Pait |_Intestines-_Aantdia |_Blood-Khoon | Lungs-Phenphde

Kidney-Gurda | Ankle-Gitta | Back-Peeth | Bone-Hadi

Feet-Peir Paanv | Knee-Ghutana | Legs-Taang | Muscles-Puthe

Skin-Twachaa | Vein-Nuus | Waist-Kamar

A list of the above mentioned words is available for download.