Fun Ideas for End of the Year Pranks at School

Fun Ideas for End of the Year Pranks at School
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The end of the school year is a time to have fun! Students work hard all year long. They take many tests and turn in numerous assignments. The last day of school is a day to unwind and a great way to do that is to pull an end of the year prank. End of the year pranks should be clean fun and not malicious. Here are some ideas of end of the year school pranks that can be done and how to do them.

Food Fight

One of the great end of the year pranks is to have a good old fashioned food fight. The best way to start a food fight is to collaborate with a group of friends. Agree with four or more other people to all shout out “food fight!” at the same time in the middle of lunch period and to start throwing food at each other. This prank doesn’t always work though and sometimes nobody listens and nobody joins in the fight. Expect to get into big trouble if caught as the person who started it.

Write Funny Captions or Draw Funny Cartoons on the Board

Write something really funny on the board. This end of the year prank is easy to get away with if done before class when the classroom is empty. This can be either a silly caption or saying or a cartoon caricature of a teacher, classmate, or just a silly drawing. Be sure whatever is written is not too offensive or some people might get their feelings hurt. This prank is especially funny if the cartoon lampoons a particularly mean or strict teacher.

Dress in a Costume

Walk into class dressed in a really strange costume. Bright or silly colors can be worn, mismatched clothes, extra large or extra small clothes that look ridiculous, a fake mustache, or a strange haircut. Pretend like it’s Halloween. Make sure whatever is worn is not too obscene (don’t walk in showing too much skin or dressed provocatively) and masks usually are discouraged in most schools. Carry an extra set of clothes to change back into to avoid getting into trouble.

Have Everyone Start Coughing at the Same Time

One of the end of the year pranks that is sure to annoy any teacher and look really ridiculous is this one. Get a group of friends and classmates to all cough at the same time during class. It sounds really funny and the teacher will usually get annoyed and want to know what’s going on. This only works if you have most or all of the class coughing all at the same time.

Water Balloons


This end of the year prank might actually be welcomed on an especially hot day right when summer is about to begin. Buy a package of balloons at the store and share them with friends. Agree to have a water balloon fight and fill the balloons with water. When everyone has their balloons filled with water, have everyone stand in a circle in an open space like the school field or playground and count to three. Then start throwing!

Send Love Letters to Your Friends and Sign Them with Other Friend’s Names

Love Letter

This class prank is also good around Valentine’s Day. Before the last day of the semester, write a mushy love letter but at the bottom sign it with the name of a classmate. Place this love letter in the desk or locker of a different classmate but make sure he or she does not know who put it there. This prank is even better if the name that is written on the love letter is known to like the recipient that you give it to. Don’t pull this prank with overly sensitive people.

End of the year school pranks are a great way to unwind and have fun on the last day of school. Some ideas for pranks are to start a food fight, to write something funny on the board, to dress in a costume, to have everyone cough at the same time during class, using water balloons, or to write fake love letters. Keep in mind that pulling a prank even on the last day of school can get the person doing the prank in a lot of trouble. But a nice clean prank is still a lot of fun.