5 Activities to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

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If you want your child to improve his or her writing, then your child must write. While most kids get plenty of writing practice at school, some don’t, and some need a little more practice than others. Parents can provide this extra practice; they just have be sneaky to get their kids to actually do it. If you want to make your child a better writer, the trick is to get your kids to write without ever realizing they are actually working on their writing skills. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Month in the Life of Me

Get your child to record a sentence or two about their day every day for a month. (They’ll need a new piece of paper daily.) At the end of the month, bind the pages together. There are places where you can get them professionally bound or you can do it yourself. Your child may also enjoy illustrating the book.

All About Me Book

Have your kids write books about themselves. These are great to have your kids do every summer. Not only will they help make your child a better writer, your child will have a great time reviewing and comparing the books from each summer. They’ll love looking back at previous summers’ books and seeing how their skills, interests, and appearance have changed. (Like the “Day in the Life of Me” book above, bind the pages together when they are completed.)

Write Letters to Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

In this age of emailing, texting, and instant messaging, letters seem to be on their way to extinction. Have your kids write a letter, one they actually have to put in an envelope and send it to a relative. There is not a grandparent in the world that would not cherish a hand-written note from a grandchild. Letter writing also provides an excellent opportunity to talk about writing for an audience with your child. Point out that their letters to their grandmother will be different than their letters to their young cousin.

Chalkboard Wall

Paint a wall in your house with chalkboard paint and provide an instant and cheap chalkboard for your kids. There’s something about a chalkboard that just makes kids want to write. While they may primarily be attracted to it for drawing pictures, with a little encouragement from you they will discover that it is also a great place to write. You can encourage them to play writing games, write captions for their pictures, or anything else you can think up.

Kids that may be resistant to writing with paper and pencil may be surprisingly receptive to writing in a different manner.

Bathtub Paint, Etch-A-Sketch, Chalk on the Driveway

Like the chalkboard wall, these are just different mediums you can provide your child to get them writing. Small children might simply practice letters with these items; older kids might write words and/or sentences.

These are just five simple options to choose from to help make your child a better writer. The whole key is to get your child writing because the more they write, the better writers they will be.