Wordshark: A Computer- Based Teaching Tool for Dyslexia

Dyslexia refers to a difficulty with reading, and spelling.They often have difficulty with letter forms and associating sounds with letters. Children with dyslexia have different learning styles and learn best through a multi sensory approach. Wordshark is a computer program designed to teach spelling, and reading through multi sensory techniques. It has been used widely for children with dyslexia and found to be very effective.


This computer program covers different aspects of reading and spelling through 55 different games. It teaches phonics, spelling rules, blending sounds into words, segmenting words, homophones etc. It also has a database of over 9,000 words, and allows you to add more. Activities are designed to be used from the early primary to secondary school level and even for adults. Spelling through phonics is the most commonly used technique for children with dyslexia. The software also includes a complete phonics course that a child can do. In addition, the course also has week- by- week support.

Wordshark and a Child’s IEP:

Children with dyslexia often need an IEP (Individualized educational plan), or a specific plan for their learning. This software can be modified to fit the IEP of a child with dyslexia. It allows the teacher to make a work plan for the child, which he or she can do through the variety of games.

Workshark as a Motivator:

Motivation for spelling and reading is often a huge challenge for children with Dyslexia. They find reading and spelling tasks difficult and frustrating and tend to avoid them. Presenting these tasks in a new way helps to catch the children’s interest. All the activities on wordshark are game based. A collection of 55 games helps teach concepts in new and interesting ways. Every game has various levels where the speed and complexity of the activity increases.Children can also see their scores and watch their own progress. All this helps to motivate children to try harder and do better.

Recording Progress:

Interventions for dyslexia need to include a detailed report of the child in which the child’s progress is recorded. This software also records the performance and progress of the child. It also helps keep record of the words that have been learned. This is very helpful to teachers who plan IEP’s or goals for the child.

Wordshark in the Classroom:

Although, this software is effective for dyslexia intervention, it can be used for all children to introduce reading and spelling in an interesting way. The network version of wordshark is ideal for classroom use. However, this requires multiple computers. You can also use wordshark for competitive games between two students. This can be a great way to motivate children to learn more. Wordshark can also be used with interactive whiteboards and touch screens.

Where Can I Get It?

You can buy wordshark online. Pick the version that is most suitable for your set up. Here is a link to the software: