Use American Sign Language in Your Mother’s Day Celebration Vocabulary

Honor Your Mother

Mother's Day is celebrated all around the globe on the second Sunday of May every year. A celebration to honor mothers, it was

Memories With Mom

conceived by Anna Jarvis and made official in the United States on May 8, 1914, by President Woodrow Wilson.

To celebrate Mother's Day in American sign language (ASL), first make a list of the words you would use on Mother's Day

  • Mother
  • Day
  • Love
  • Thank You
  • Happy
  • Appreciate
  • Hug
  • I
  • You
  • My
  • Celebrate
  • Best/Good
  • World
  • Wonderful
  • Happy
  • Flowers

Make a list of the phrases you would use on Mother's Day

  • I love you, Mom
  • I love you always, Mom
  • Thanks for everything, Mother
  • To the best Mother in the World
  • To my Wonderful Mother
  • I'm happy you are my Mom
  • Happy Mother's Day
  • Every day is Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – in SIgns

Here are some ASL signs that you can use for Mother's Day

Mother –

Place the right hand thumb against the chin and open your hand with the fingers widespread as if signaling the number five.

Day –

Hold your bent left arm before your chest with the palm down and the hand pointing towards the right. Place your right elbow on the left hand with the right hand pointing upward. The right hand can have the index finger pointing upward. Move the right hand in an arc down to the left elbow. You can also do this using a straight up flat right palm instead of the extended right index finger.

Love –

Cross both your hands at mid-chest level with the palms turned toward you.

Happy –

Hold your hands at chest level with the flat palms turned toward you. Move both hands simultaneously away and nearer to your body in up and down, forward and backward circles.

Always –

Hold your right hand index finger up before you, palm facing you, and twirl the finger around in large circles.

Appreciate –

Place one palm on chest and the other on the stomach and move both together, with the left one moving to the right and the right one moving to the left.

Wonderful/Awesome –

Hold up both hands before you with the palms facing outward and push the palms forward a couple of times.

Hug –

Hug yourself and smile.

World –

Hold hands before you at chest level. Extend the index and middle fingers of each hand. Extend the ring finger slightly away from the index and middle fingers. Bent the thumb and little finger inward. With fingers in these positions, move both hands in circular up and down, back and forth motions at the same time but in opposite sequence to each other.

Flower –

Bring all your fingers together and touch one cheek and then the other.

Thank you –

Place the fingers of your flat right hand – or the left one, if that is your dominant hand – to your lips and then move the hand in the direction of the person you are thanking. Rather like sending a flying kiss, done with a smile rather than a puckering of lips. Using both hands conveys thank you so very much.

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