Use Printable Alphabet Cards in Spanish in Six Teaching Activities

Use Printable Alphabet Cards in Spanish in Six Teaching Activities
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Before a young learner can master Spanish vocabulary and learn how to spell in Spanish, she must first have a good grasp of the Spanish alphabet. The Spanish alphabet contains all of the same letters as the English alphabet, although the letters are called by different names. However, it includes four more that may be difficult to remember at first. offers a list of all the letters plus their pronunciations.

Use the printable alphabet cards in Spanish available from MrPrintables to help your students remember the names and sounds of all of the Spanish letters. Customize them for your class’s needs. Consider printing out a few sets so that students can spell words in Spanish with them or so small groups can work with a set of the flash cards.

Activity 1

Pass out as many cards as you have students. Each student walks around the room as you play music. When the music stops, students must line up at the front of the room, putting their alphabet cards in order. This gets tricky when you include the four new Spanish letters. Time students for three rounds of the game. See if they get faster each time.

Activity 2

Split students into four teams. Give each team a card with one of the four extra Spanish letters. Have each group use a dictionary to look up five words in Spanish that use the letters. Have them write the words on the board and present the definitions to the class. Give the class time to guess the definitions before the groups define them. This activity gives students practice looking up words that begin with these letters in the separate sections of the Spanish dictionary devoted to each letter. Help students with pronunciation of the new words as necessary.

Activity 3

Hold up a card in front of the class. Ask individual students to name the letter. Correct them if they give the English name of the letter. Move on to asking for the sound(s) each letter makes.

Activity 4

Divide the class into two groups. Hold up an alphabet card. Give each team 10 seconds to decide what the name of the letter is and its sound(s). A spokesman for each group tells you what the group thinks the letter is called and what it sounds like. The group that gets the answer correct gets a point. If both teams answer correctly, ask them each to give you three words (other than the one on the card) in Spanish that start with that letter for a tie-breaker.

Activity 5

Print two copies of the alphabet cards. Turn each card over. Have students play memory with the cards by turning over one card and trying to find its match among all of the cards. When students make a match, they can say the name of the letter, what sound(s) it makes, and a word that starts with that letter (other than is on the card). Print more copies of the alphabet cards to enable several small groups to play memory.

Fun Extension

If you want to extend these activities further, make Spanish alphabet bingo cards with only pictures on them. Call out the word in Spanish. Students can cover the pictures. Whoever shouts “Bingo!” first, however, must then tell you all of the names of the pictures as well as the letters in Spanish the words begin with.

Dozens of other activities can be used to teach the Spanish alphabet to your students. Use these activities with your printable alphabet cards in Spanish to actively engage your students as they master the new letters and the new pronunciations that come with the entire alphabet. Printable alphabet cards in Spanish can also be printed for each student to practice the alphabet on their own.

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