Find Ideas for Spanish Club Activities

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In thinking of ideas for your club, one way to brainstorm is to ask yourself what enrichment activities you would like to include in your class if you only had the time or if the curriculum would allow it.


Club members may enjoy watching Spanish language movies.For a special treat, attend a film currently playing in theaters.However, be careful when showing movies outside of class.Fair use only applies to movies used as part of classroom instruction; otherwise, you are holding a public performance.Check with your media specialist to see if you can obtain a special license to show the film for entertainment purposes.

Community Service

Community service activities for Spanish clubs can increase members' knowledge of the language while helping them understand the importance of giving back.Advanced students may be able to help create Spanish-language pamphlets for a community organization.Club members could set up a tutoring program for beginning Spanish students or create language learning resources, such as flash cards, for classes.If your school district doesn’t have an elementary language program, students in the Spanish club can have fun teaching younger students Spanish, perhaps with a special presentation or a weekly after-school program.

Field Trips

Working with a smaller group of students opens up possibilities for cultural field trips.Look for cultural festivals, foreign language days at universities, museum exhibits and authentic restaurants.

Speaking Practice

The Spanish club can provide a casual setting for practicing speaking in Spanish.Set aside a specific amount of time and ask those participating to commit to only speaking in Spanish for the duration of the time period.The advisors or the club officers should prepare a few questions and topics to get the conversation started, but then let the members direct the chat.


An afternoon of games is a fun activity for Spanish clubs.Ideas include:

  • Scrabble, Spanish Edition
  • Adivina Quién? (Guess Who?)
  • El Chavo
  • Bingo
  • Spanish Monopoly
  • Cranium Latin American Edition

Check teacher supply catalogs like Teacher’s Discovery for even more possibilities in educational games.

Educating the School

With their interest in language studies, your group may have fun with Spanish club activities meant to spread the word about the benefits of learning Spanish and educate their fellow students about the language and culture.

Ask if you can have a Spanish word of the day added to the school announcements or a Spanish saying highlighted in each issue of the school newspaper. Club members can take turns submitting their favorites to be featured.

Other ideas for Spanish club activities include creating cultural displays, such as a Día de los Muertos bulletin board or posters featuring famous Latinos for Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15).

These ideas for Spanish club activities are sure to get your group off to a strong start. However, be sure to ask the members for their own great suggestions for what they would like to accomplish in the club.