Lesson Plan for Teaching Spanish Dar Idioms to Second-Year Spanish Students

Lesson Plan for Teaching Spanish Dar Idioms to Second-Year Spanish Students
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Preparación – Preparation

Before class begins, make small cards to pass out to each student in the class. Each card should contain one Spanish dar phrase as well as the English translation. For example:

Jugar Charadas – Play Charades

Pass out at least one dar phrase card to each student. Instruct the students to remain quiet and not to share the contents of the cards with the rest of the class. The students should read their cards silently and think of the action portrayed by the dar phrase. After the students have learned their dar phrase, the teacher can ask for volunteers to jugar charadas “play charades” and act out their dar phrase in front of the class. The student performing the charade should first write the dar phrase on the board. Then, while the students acts out the phrase, the rest of the students should try to guess the meaning by reading the phrase and watching the action. For example, the student who gets the dar una vuelta en coche “to go for a drive” card could mime driving around in a car by mimicking using a steering wheel and walking around the classroom.

Repasar el Vocabulario – Review the Vocabulary

After all of the students have played charades with their dar phrase, review the Spanish dar idioms with the entire class. Students should be able to translate the phrases from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. For a handout of the Spanish dar phrases, please download the printable supplement Dar Phrases Vocabulary Sheet.

Tarea – Homework

For homework to practice the dar phrases, the students should write at least one sentence for each phrase. The students should also provide the English translation for their sentences. For example:

  • Le di a mi hermano las gracias por el regalo. “I thanked my brother for the gift.”
  • Vamos a darle una cena en honor del professor. “We are going to throw a party in honor of the teacher.”
  • ¿Tu madre te daba de mamar? “Did your mother used to breastfeed you?
  • Me doy asco la crueldad. “Cruelty sickens me.”
  • El cazador dio en el blanco. “The hunter hit the target.”

Dar Vocabulario – Dar Vocabulary

  • dar a alguien las gracias por algo – to thank someone for something
  • dar a alguien la bienvenida – to welcome someone
  • dar un consejo a alguien – to give someone advice
  • dar una cena en honor de alguien – to throw a party in honor of someone
  • dar patadas a algo/alguien – to kick something/someone
  • dar una paliza a alguien – to beat someone up
  • dar una guantada a alguien – to slap someone
  • dar de comer a alguien – to feed someone
  • dar de mamar a alguien – to breastfeed someone
  • dar asco – to sicken, to revolt
  • darse cuenta de algo – to realize something
  • dar una entrada para algo – to put down a deposit for something
  • dar pena – to make upset, to upset
  • dar el visto bueno a algo – to approve something
  • darse por aludido – to take a hint
  • dar una cabezada – to have a nap, to take a nap
  • dar un paseo – to go for a walk, to take a walk
  • dar una vuelta en coche – to go for a drive
  • dar una vuelta a la manzana – to go around the block
  • dar vuelco a un coche – to overturn a car
  • dar en el blanco – to hit the target
  • dar muestras de sensate – to show good sense
  • dar barniz a una silla – to varnish a chair
  • dar un examen – to take an exam
  • dar a luz – to give birth
  • dar guerra – to cause trouble, to hassle, to torment
  • dar saltos de alegría – to jump for joy
  • dar prestado – to lend
  • dar la enhorabuena – to congratulate
  • dar madrugón – to get up early
  • dar voces – to call, to cry, to scream
  • dar pie con bola – to guess rightly
  • dar el pésame – to express condolence

Note that when underlined, the pronouns alguien and algo may be replaced by other people and things. For example, darse a alguien la bienvenida “to welcome someone” may become darse a mis amigos la bienvenida “to welcome my friends.”

Algunas Conjugaciones de Dar – Some Conjugations of Dar

  • Presente

  • doy

  • das

  • da

  • damos

  • dais

  • dan

  • Pretérito

  • di

  • diste

  • dio

  • dimos

  • disteis

  • dieron

  • Imperfecto

  • daba

  • dabas

  • daba

  • dábamos

  • dabais

  • daban

  • Imperativo

  • da

  • demos

  • dad

  • den