Spanish Classroom Activity: Group Exercise to Work on Expressing the Date in Spanish

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When you teach your students to express the date in Spanish you will most likely be covering the different holidays.If you don’t do this, you should.Students have a personal connection to these special days, so their interest is perked when you discuss them.The activity below gets your students saying the date in Spanish while using previously learned vocabulary to describe holidays.

Split your class into groups of threes.Tell each group to come up with four holidays that they would like to describe.These can be major holidays like Christmas or Independence Day, or they can be more obscure ones like Flag Day or United Nations Day.Even better, you can have your students pick a few holidays that are just celebrated in Spanish speaking countries.Whatever holidays your students pick, make sure that you have discussed each one and their corresponding dates.You want everyone to be familiar with these dates and celebrations before starting the activity.If there is time,write all of the holidays that students can use for this exercise on the board.Of course, write the names in Spanish.

Once each group has selected four holidays that they would like to describe in Spanish, they are to come up with four sentences for each one.These sentences should describe the holiday without stating exactly which one it is.Encourage students to use vocabulary from the current chapter and from previous chapters too. When the class gets back together as a whole these descriptions are going to be read out loud for the rest of the class to identify.Walk around the room and help students with words and conjugations.Make sure that each group knows the specific date of their selected holidays.

When the class is ready, select one group to read the descriptions of their first holiday.The rest of the class is to listen to each clue/description and attempt to guess the holiday.The student who guesses the holiday first will get some kind of reward.This can be an extra point or it can be some kind of a small prize.That is up to you.To win this reward a student must not only state the name of the holiday, but he must also say the date in Spanish when it occurs.If a student hears a description of Christmas he would have to say, “Es la Navidad.Celebramos ese día el veinticinco de diciembre.”You will probably want to put an example on board for students to use while answering.Go around the room so that each group gets to read their descriptions of at least two holidays.

Your students will have fun with this activity.Make sure that everyone is guessing in Spanish.Students will be concentrating and listening hard to try to win each round.Let them have fun with this and then move on to a more quiet activity.