Spanish Verb Conjugation Classroom Activity: Board Game to Get Students Practicing and Competing Conjugating Spanish Verbs

Spanish students need constant practice with verb conjugation. The following activity gets students working together in groups to conjugate verbs, in the verb tense that you pick, while correcting each others’ mistakes. You will use a game board you create, and will need a number of dice- one for every three people in the class. Before class on a blank piece of paper, make a game board with thirty or so squares that are connected and have a set start and finish. You can start at the top of the page and snake down to the bottom. Label the first square “Start” and the last square “Finish”. In each square write a verb and the tense/person you want the verb to be conjugated to. Make enough copies for the entire class. When students arrive review the verb tense that you are currently studying. Give some examples on the board. Now, split the class into groups of threes. Pass out one game board to each group with a die. Tell students to select a group leader. This “leader” will not be playing the game during this first round. He will be using his book or notes to verify the answers given by the other two people in his group. Have the remaining students get out a game piece to move around the game boar. This can be anything small like a paperclip or a ring. Explain to the class that each student competing will roll the die and move his game piece appropriately. When a student lands on a particular square, he must conjugate the verb written there correctly. The group leader checks to see if the conjugation is correct or not. A student who gives the correct answer gets to go again. If he gives the incorrect conjugation the next person goes. Once a group has a winner that person becomes the leader and the former leader now participates in the game. Give your students about ten minutes or so with this activity. They will have a lot of fun and it may get loud. As long as everyone is on task and working on verb conjugations, it is worth it. Move on to a quieter activity when you are done.