How to Use Acronyms, Stories, and More to Help Remember the Order of Scientific Classification

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What is Taxonomy

Taxonomy is a system of classification used by scientists to separate living things into different categories. Below is a list of the categories in the scientific classification system.

  • Kingdom
  • Phylum
  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species

The categories begin by being very general, such as Kingdom, which is the broadest of all categories. The system narrows down all the way to Species, which is the most specific category. You will need to memorize these categories as well as how they work. See the following section for tips on memorizing the categories of the system if scientific classification.

Memorizing Taxonomy

Use these tips to help you remember the groups in the system of scientific classification as well as how they work.

  • Use the first letters of the categories to create an acronym that you can remember.Some examples are listed below.

King Phillip Came Out For Great Soup.

Karen Played Checkers Over Four Green Slugs.

Kids Put Cheese On Fried Golden Slices.

Kings Pay Coins Or Forfeit Golden Sparrows.

  • Another way to memorize the system of scientific classification is to remember a story involving the words in the order they are listed in. Following is an example of such a story. The Kingdom of Phylum held a Class on the Order of Families with last name of Genus to protect the Species.
  • You can even try classifying something you are familiar with. For instance, if you enjoy video games then try “classifying” one such as in the example that follows. The video game is Sims 2. You could classify it as listed below.

Kingdom; Kids Games, Phylum; Interactive Entertainment; Class; Video Games, Order; Gaming systems with CDs, Family; Play station, Genus; Play station 2, Species; Sims

Notice that as you classify items they start at very broad systems and get narrower as you work your way down the system. Remember that though an item such as a Sega Game could fit into the Video Game category, it would not fit into The Family of Play stations.

Chances are that once you find a particular way to memorize the scientific classification system, you will remember it for life and use similar methods to remember other types of information. For now, use one of the methods listed above to help you to remember the system of scientific classification to improve your performance and understanding of science lesson plans.