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As students, we study science from our earliest years in elementary school to our final years in high school. A required component of many state-wide standardized assessments and diploma programs, science is wide and varied, covering many fields of study, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, meteorology, physics, zoology and more.

Here Bright Hub Education offers homework help that encompass many of those fields of study, and includes science facts, study guides, and explanations to help you better understand the subject matter you are reviewing in school. You'll find science help for all grade levels, from grade school to college prep, as well as tips to help you memorize the basic foundations in each topic you review.

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  • Micro Bear: Organisms Sent into Space
    TARDIS. No, you won’t see “Doctor Who" in the background and it isn’t a new movie, jacket, cell phone or pastry. It’s a mission. Tardigrades in Space. Let’s start with the main passenger, the tardigrade, a microscopic animal that has already been in space. It’s true.
  • What's Up with Toe Fungus?
    One day while you are drying your feet, pulling off your socks or slipping into flipflops, you notice your toes. Not good. A couple nails look yellow and the big toe looks as if it is pulling away from the nail bed. You have a toenail fungus.
  • Banning Sunscreens: Hurting Our Reefs
    Not only have there been health concerns regarding the use of sunscreen products, but they are known to be a danger to coral reefs, as well. Learn about the hazards and changes being made to protect reefs and people.
  • Oysters Do What? Filtration and More
    They live in a shell that they mostly create themselves and they are not pretty. These sea animals are kind of solitary and one might say, lazy, but they are one of the most important environmental creatures for any gulf, bay or close-knit waters. It’s the oyster.
  • The Jellyfish Bloom: A Crisis for Our Oceans?
    Jellyfish blooms are becoming increasingly more frequent. Find out what is causing these changes as well as possible approaches that might offset these increases.
  • Are We Playing Chicken? The Journey of Chicken to Our Plates
    Agriculture in the twentieth century changed from small farm operations to huge conglomerates, and has radically changed the culture. Is it at the expense of human health?
  • Melatonin: The Information You Need to Know
    Insufficient sleep plagues over half the global population and 76 percent of Americans have difficulties getting the Zs they need. A hormone named melatonin might factor in as a remedy no matter what your problem. Let’s look at what’s involved with sleep and the key problems with disturbed sleep.
  • A Bulldozer of a Fish: the Humphead Parrotfish
    The humphead (also called bumphead) parrotfish is a fascinating character. He will whack his head against another, eat coral as if it’s a watermelon wedge, build reefs and even help to keep the oceans healthy.
  • What Happens When Fear Happens?
    When a person feels fearful, there is a reaction within the brain. Learn more about the science behind fear.
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