Creative Preschool Art Ideas That Teachers Can Implement

Let Their Creativity Shine!

Art time is the perfect opportunity to introduce preschoolers to new lessons as well as providing them with a great outlet to show their creativity. Preschool art ideas that are both fun and educational do not have to be difficult and can provide lots of entertainment for both the teacher and the students. Here is a look at a couple of different ways to incorporate educational lessons such as introducing letters of the alphabet and different colors by incorporating them with art projects.

Introducing the Letter “A”

A is an easy letter to get preschoolers started on identifying their alphabet (and certain objects, animals, insects and other things that begin with the letter "A"). To do this art project, teachers will need the following supplies.

  • 1 large poster board or a piece of heavy duty construction paper for each student
  • Several cutouts or printouts of colorful things that begin with the letter "A" (i.e. pictures of ants, apples, or airplanes)
  • 1 large bottle of glue or a glue stick for each student to use on their own paper

Before beginning the lesson, teachers should start out with a small introduction explaining that "A" is the first letter of the alphabet and the sounds it makes. Next, the teacher should show the students each of the cut outs or print outs and explain how they all start with the letter "A". For smaller classes, teachers can use one large poster board and have students help her glue the pictures onto the poster board or for larger classes, teachers can assist students in helping them glue all the "A" objects onto their own paper.

For more alphabet activities from Bright Hub Education, read Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers by Elizabeth Wistrom.

Introducing Colors

There are several different ways to have fun introducing colors to preschoolers! One easy way to do this is to make small popsicle stick puppets. Here is a list of the supplies preschool teachers will need.

  • Enough popsicle sticks for one or two puppets for each student
  • Foam cut outs, paper print outs or other "color" appropriate items to paste onto the popsicle sticks
  • Glue sticks
  • Markers

As teachers begin the lesson they should have a few popsicle puppets already assembled to demonstrate to the class exactly what they look like as well as introduce students to the color of the day. Bright colors such as red, orange, purple or blue are great to start out with. Next, teachers should show students how to make their own puppets and ask them to glue the right colored objects onto their own popsicle sticks. For example, teachers can use a picture of the fruit "orange" for the color orange. Once students have assembled their own popsicle puppets teachers should help them write their names on the back of the popsicle sticks with the markers.

All of the supplies needed to make the popsicle color puppets can be found at most craft stores are relatively inexpensive. This particular lesson is also great for stay at home parents who want to introduce preschool art ideas to their own children. For more color activities, read Fun Preschool Lesson Plans on Colors.

Preschool art activities need not be difficult, but the more ideas you have the better equipped you are as a teacher. These letter and color activities would be great for any preschool class, so why not try one?