“Koala Lou” by Mem Fox: Lesson Plan For Preschool Fun

There are lots of ways you can incorporate Koala Lou into your preschool lesson plans.

Are you talking about mothers and their babies? Sibling issues? Perhaps you are having an author Mem Fox theme or you are studying animals found in Australia. Or maybe you just want to read a sweet book to your class. Koala Lou is the perfect book for you and your students! Use these teaching ideas.

Before You Read


  • Globe or world map
  • Optional: pictures of an emu, kangaroo, koala

Show students the location of Australia. Discuss some of the animals live there: koala, emu, kangaroo

Koala facts:

a. A koala is not a bear. It is a marsupial mammal and the mother koala has a pouch to carry her baby. (like a kangaroo, possum)

b. A baby is called a joey and is only the size of a jellybean when born. The joey stays in mother’s pouch for 6 months.

c. Koalas have sharp claws and only eat leaves from certain kinds of eucalyptus trees.

d. Koalas sleep 20 hours a day! They are only awake 4 hours. That’s only about the time between your breakfast and lunch.

Reading the Book

Ask students to stand up if they have brothers or sisters. Then ask them to stay standing if the brothers or sisters are younger than they are. To those standing ask them, “How do you feel when your mom or dad is busy taking care of your younger brother or sister?”

Say, “We are going to read a story about a little koala who misses having all of her mother’s loving words. Listen to find out what the koala does to get her mother’s attention.”

Questions as you read:

1. What words does Koala Lou miss hearing? “Koala Lou, I DO love you!”

2. What does Koala Lou decide to do to get her mother’s attention? Enter in the Bush Olympics. It is a contest with running, jumping and climbing.

3. What does Koala Lou do when she loses the climbing contest? She ran away and hid. Then she cried.

4. What did Koala Lou learn? No matter what, her mother would always love her.

5. Your mother will always love you, just like Koala Lou's mother. What can you do to show your love for your mother? Remember, it is not necessary to go to extremes to get mom's love.

Our Preschool Bush Olympics

Stage your own Olympic contest!


  • Stop watch
  • Measuring device
  • Optional: Participation “Medals” made from yarn and a tag board circle attached to it, decorated with a star


Climbing: Use a jungle gym or climbing apparatus on the playground. If no outside equipment is available, make an a simple obstacle course in the classroom for them to crawl through. Time them.


In this event, measure the amount of one big jump from each student. You can either instruct them to run and jump or have them jump from a standing position.


Set up a course for each student to run while you time them or do a relay in teams.

Singing event:

Sing the Kookaburra song! https://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/k003.html