A Preschool Bible Lesson on Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

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Here is a sample Sunday school lesson plan for the preschool Bible lesson for Jesus heals ten lepers. Kids learn a Bible scripture using the piggyback song technique, and then complete a hands-on story-related Bible craft. This easy-to-teach lesson requires few supplies or pre-class prep time.

Miracles of Jesus Lesson Plans for Preschoolers

This lesson is age appropriate for preschoolers and takes about 45 minutes to teach. A list of Sunday school materials is included, and pre-class preparation tasks are minimal.

The educational objectives for this lesson are:

  • Being thankful for God’s help
  • Obeying God without questioning
  • Jesus is a healer

Here is a supply list:

  1. Bible or text of Luke 17:11-19
  2. Cardstock
  3. Gingerbread people cookie cutters
  4. Sheets of laminating film
  5. Red dry erase markers
  6. Tissue

Prior to class, teachers trace enough people shapes for each child. Cover the shapes with the laminating film, and then cut them out.

The Miracle of Healing Lesson

Read or tell the Bible story. Here are four fun facts for kids to help them understand the Sunday school lesson materials:

  1. When the term leprosy is used in the Bible, experts believe it is referring to skin diseases or rashes, rather than Hansen’s disease or leprosy.
  2. These rashes were usually bright red, ugly, and very contagious.
  3. People with these skin diseases could not live or fellowship with their friends and families, so they were very sad.
  4. The priests decided if people were healed from diseases, and when they could go back to live with their families.

Here are some discussion questions for the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers:

  • How many men were sick?
  • How many of the men came back to tell Jesus thank you?
  • Who was more grateful – Jesus’ own people, the Jews, or the Samaritan, who was a foreigner?
  • How can we show Jesus our gratitude?
  • Why did Jesus send the ten lepers to the priests?
  • Were the men healed instantly or gradually? Why?

These questions can be inserted into the natural flow of the story telling or used during a different section. For example, many preschoolers are shy, and it is easier to get them to answer questions when they are involved in another activity like drawing or coloring, so the questions could be used conversationally during the craft.

How to Use the Piggy Backing Method to Teach Scriptures

This scripture verse, Luke 17:19, is easy to teach to preschoolers byusing the piggyback song method. This technique utilizes the tunes of familiar songs to teach unfamiliar words. Because the kids already know the tune, they need to only learn the words. Sing this Bible verse to the tune of “London Bridge,” using the suggested rhythm and spacing of words below:

And He said to him, to him,/ Rise, and go/go your way/your faith has made you well today./Luke 17:19

Ten Lepers Craft for Preschoolers

For the craft activity, give each child one of the people shapes and a red dry erase marker. They can use the markers to put spots on the shapes to represent leprosy, and then rub the spots off with the tissue. During the craft, discuss the Bible story and how Jesus healed the sick men by a miracle.

By the end of this preschool Bible lesson for Jesus heals ten lepers, the students know about miracles and healing. They learned a scripture verse and participated in a Bible lesson activity.


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