Teaching Bible Stories to Preschool Children: A David and Goliath Toddler Lesson

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David and Goliath toddler lessons offer teachers and parents fun interactive ways to teach kids about their favorite Bible stories. One way children learn Christian character traits like obedience and trust in God is by learning from biblical role models.

Bible Lesson Overview and Objectives

These lessons are age-appropriate for toddlers and can be taught in about 45 minutes. It requires minimal supplies or pre-class preparation time. Present it as-is, or modify to fit a specific curriculum.

Toddlers learn to trust God for protection, as well as how to deal with bullies. They hear the story of David and Goliath; make a story-related craft, and answer age-appropriate questions about the story.

The following supplies are needed for David and Goliath toddler lessons:

  • Bible or text of 1 Samuel 17:4-54
  • Small and large cut-out people shapes
  • Small and large gingerbread cookie cutters
  • Construction paper in various colors
  • Crayons and stickers
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch
  • David and Goliath take home sheet, print enough copies for each child
  • Five small stones
  • Square piece of fabric

Prior to class time, use the cookie cutters and trace out enough big and little people shapes for each child to have one of each size. Cut them out and label the small ones “David” and the large ones “Goliath.” Fold the fabric square into a sling, and practice putting the stones in and out smoothly.

Teaching the Bible Story

Here are some tips on fun Bible facts to help toddlers better understand this Old Testament Bible story.

  • Most Bible teachers believe David was a young boy – probably almost a teenager – because the Bible says Saul’s armor was too big for David.
  • His sling was probably made from fabric and looked like this. (Show the fabric props.)
  • David had five smooth stones for his sling. (Let the students see the stones.)
  • The only way a small boy could defeat a nine-foot tall giant is with God’s power and strength.

Read or tell the story of David accepting Goliath’s challenge to the Israelites. Here are some simple questions for toddlers:

  • Who was bigger, David or Goliath?
  • How many stones did David use to kill Goliath?
  • Why did David get angry with the giant?

David and Goliath Toddler Craft Project

Give each child a set of the David and Goliath paper figures and let them decorate them with the crayons and stickers. Use the hole punch and carefully punch a hole in the top of each shape, and then help the students thread the yarn through the holes. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn and let the children use them as necklaces. Give everyone a copy of the take-home sheet to reinforce the lesson materials.

At the end of these David and Goliath toddler lessons, the children understand how David killed the giant. They have also made a craft to remind them of the story, and participated in answering questions about the story.

Here are some other books about David and Goliath. Parents and teachers can use these stories to extend the lesson and reinforce the educational materials from the Old Testament Bible story about the shepherd boy David who killed a giant.

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