Pre-K Lesson Plans: Learn About the Color Brown

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After teaching these pre-K lesson plans for brown, your students will be able to identify the color brown. This lesson would also be a great addition to a unit on colors.


  • Brown by Michael Dahl
  • Brown construction paper (12x18)
  • Glue or glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Old catalogs and magazines
  • Crayons
  • Blank note cards (optional)

Prior Knowledge

Bring in something that is brown. Ask students if they know what color it is. Next, spend some time identifying other objects in or around the room which are brown.


Explain that today students are going to learn all about brown. Show students the cover of the book. Point out all the brown things on the cover. Read through the book and discuss all the photographs of brown items. Ask students if they can think of things that are brown.

Next, explain that today students are going to hunt for the color brown. Take a walk around your school inside and outside to look for the color brown. When you come back in, discuss all the brown things that were seen. Then, play the game hot and cold. Find brown items in your classroom and play hot and cold. Tell students they are getting hotter as they get closer to the item, and tell them they are getting colder as they go further away.


Tell students that they are going to continue to look for the color brown. Pass out the old catalogs and magazines and the scissors. Have students look through them and find things that are brown. As they find brown things, have the students cut them out. Once everyone has found enough brown pictures, pass out the construction paper and the glue. Have students arrange and glue the brown pictures onto the brown construction paper.

Use these brown collages as a wonderful bulletin board display. Some great titles would be “Brown Is Everywhere” or “All about Brown.” You can also use these for hallway decorations.


Pick out three crayons, including one brown. Have students come up as they are working on their collages and pick out the brown crayon. You can also use blank note cards for your assessment. Color one square on three blank note cards. Be sure to include one brown one. Repeat the same procedure as above.


To continue to learn about the color brown why not have a brown day. Make brownies as a class, or have students bring in something brown from home. Have brown snacks, and have students wear the color brown.