Adam and Eve Toddler Lesson Plan

This preschool lesson about Adam and Eve is wonderful to use as part of a unit on creation. It can also be used on its own. After teaching this lesson, your students will be able to identify how to make a good choice.


  • Read and Share Toddler Bible by Gwen Ellis or other Bible reading
  • Construction paper (9×12)
  • Crayons/markers
  • Chart paper
  • Pictures of kids making good and bad choices (optional)

Prior Knowledge

Ask students about who created the Earth. Then, ask them if they know the names of the first people who God created.


Show students the first picture from Adam and Eve and the Sneaky Snake if you are using the Read and Share Toddler Bible. Have your students make predictions about what they think the story will be about. You can also use another toddler or preschool Bible, or you can read it straight from the Bible. It is found in Genesis chapters two and three.

Read the story to your students stopping to discuss what is going on in the story. Make sure to point out the snake in the story. When you are finished reading, discuss what happened in the story. Talk about how Adam and Eve listened to the snake and made a bad choice. Talk about how Adam and Eve could have made a better choice and not listened to the snake. Talk about how to make good choices, even when it is hard.


Talk about bad choices. Brainstorm a list of examples of good choices and bad choices on the chart paper as a class. You will probably need to start off by sharing some examples. Some great ones include sharing with my friends and hitting my sister. Be sure to emphasize that even when someone makes a bad choice that he is still loved, especially by God. Talk about other people who love us when we make bad choices, including our parents.

Pass out the construction paper and have students fold it in half. On one side, have them draw an example of themselves making a good choice. On the other side, have them draw an example of them making a bad choice.


Find pictures of kids making good choices and bad choice, or you can simply come up with two examples to ask about orally. Show students the pictures if you choose to use them and ask them to pick out which one is a good choice. Then, challenge all of your students to go home and make one good choice and come back and share with the class what it was.


Continue to teach about the creation of the world. Teach more about Adam and Eve, such as how they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Teach about how when we make bad choices that we sin. You can teach that when we make bad choices we have to apologize.