Inside and Outside Lesson Plan for Preschool Students: What Belongs Inside? What Belongs Outside?

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Pre-K lessons “Inside and Outside” are extremely helpful for the preschool teacher. Use this Pre-K lesson for inside and outside to teach your students what the words mean and the concept that goes along with it. After teaching this lesson your students will be able to identify whether an activity or item goes inside or outside.


  • Inside, Outside, Upside Down by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Chart paper
  • Manila paper
  • Crayons/markers
  • Pictures from magazines (optional)
  • Scissors

Prior Knowledge

Take students for a walk. Go and visit different places inside the building, and then go outside. Visit various places outside on the school grounds. Before going back in the building, stop at the door and allow each student the chance to stand inside and then outside.


Divide the chart paper in half with a marker. Write inside on one side of the chart paper and outside on the other. Brainstorm things you do inside and things you do outside. Show students the cover of the book. Have them make predictions based on the cover. Read the book to your students stopping to discuss what is going on in the story.


Pass out Manila paper. Have students fold the paper in half. Explain to your students that on one half they will draw a picture of their favorite thing to do inside. Then, on the other side, they will draw their favorite thing to do outside.

After students have finished drawing, allow them to present their drawings to the class. Have them tell about each picture and let the other students guess which picture is being done inside and which is being done outside.


Before doing this lesson, cut out pictures from magazines of various things that happen inside and outside. You can also use pictures that you draw yourself. Divide a sheet of Manila paper in half. Write inside on one half and outside on the other, just like you did on the chart paper. During free play time, call students back to a table and have them sort the pictures and place each picture on the Manila paper on the inside side or the outside side.


These pictures would make a great bulletin board. A great title would be “Inside or Outside?”

Have students make an inside book full of things that are done inside or meant to go inside. Do the same thing for outside.