Baseball Preschool Lesson Plan & Activities

The Baseball Game

There are not many of us who do not have some type of childhood memory that involves a favorite American sport.

Most of us have tidbits or snippets from our childhood memories intertwined with a baseball game or two. You may have been a baseball player, or you may have sat in the benches enjoying the game. You could have played under the bleachers with siblings or with childhood friends. We all remember those huge lights, the fence, the pitchers mound, the bases and the spitting.

We all remember the crack of the bat after someone hit a home run. But do you remember the audience responding in sighs or applauds after the umpire gave a call? Do you remember the roar of the crowd after a homerun or after a call was thought to be decided unfairly? These are some of the best days in our memories of the past, and, for those us who are die hard fans, we may have more recent images that dance about in our heads.

Baseball games today are awesome feats! We all love the way they whirl the camera around the stands looking for a cute couple to exploit in a fun way. Games today are great for anyone looking for summer family fun. The food, the fireworks, the songs, and singing are all a part of the ambiance surrounding this game.

Baseball is a sport that is good for lifelong entertainment and is awesome when it comes to creating family traditions. Introducing, or re-familiarizing, this sport to your classroom will prove to be both amusing and enjoyable.

The Book


This book, Home Run! My Baseball Book by David Diehl, is strong and sturdy; it is great for the preschool aged children who are ready to learn about baseball. This book is a story about the sport loved by most: baseball.

Several reviews rave about this book from its fans. They all have very good things to say about the illustrations and its wording. One of the fans had this to say about this about the book:

"Hard pages easy to turn. Baseball pictures with precise, simple wording. Little sluggers will love this colorful baseball lesson."[1]

I am sure your classroom will admire this book, too. I am positive it will bring the wonderful recreational fun called baseball to life in your classroom.

Activities & Assessment

  • Book Discussion – Now that you and your class have enjoyed the book, you should ask your students some quick questions to have them review what you have just read to them. Explain to them that it is important for the player to wear their sporting gear. If it is feasible, provide the students with visuals of the basic sport outfit such as a baseball cap, bat, ball, glove, and shirt. Have the children name the pieces of baseball equipment, and explain how they are used.

  • Whiffle Baseballl – Take the children outside and have them play the game in a way that guarantees everyone wins. Materials: whiffle ball, whiffle bat, and a spot for bases. Instructions: The object of the game is to have each child hit the ball and run through all four bases. You and your staff are the opposing team. Allow the students to fill up the bases, and, after one of them scores a hit, the other runs home.

  • Baseball ArtMaterials: You will need some white construction paper, red yarn, scissors, and glue. Instructions: Fold the construction paper in half. Cut out an oversize shape of a baseball. Punch holes that are adjacent to each other in a crescent shape, similar to how they are on a real baseball. You should have two paralleled lines made of holes on both sides of the paper ball. Punch one hole at the top of the ball so that the students can hang it up later. There should be four lines total. Tie a knot using the red yarn on one end of the double set of holes, and then thread the yarn on both sides of the ball so that it resembles a baseball. Put a small line of glue underneath the yarn and press it down so that it will dry. Thread a piece of yarn in the hole at the top of the baseball.

Oral Assessment – This is the time to have the children discuss what they have learned about baseball. Ask them about the equipment that a baseball player wears. Ask them if they have the ever gone to a baseball game. Ask them to tell the class what it was like at the baseball game that they attended. Ask one or two of the children what a baseball player does and how baseball players play the game.

This fun preschool lesson plan will introduce baseball to some of the children, and, to others, it will only reiterate what they already know about the sport. It is almost certain that this preschool lesson on baseball will bring you and your classroom great learning fun.


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