Lesson Plan for Preschool Kids: "I Love You Because You're You" by Liza Baker

Lesson Plan for Preschool Kids:  "I Love You Because You're You" by Liza Baker
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What is Love?

Preschool students are very sensitive to how the people they care about respond to them. As a result, they are often confused about how people feel about them, as well as how they should feel about other people. When they do something that they are in trouble for, they may even believe that they are no longer loved. This craft is the start of teaching them the difference between loving someone and loving someone’s actions. Preschoolers, like most people learn best by relating things to their own small worlds. That is why this craft provides students with the chance to explore how they feel about their parent or guardian.

Along the way, preschoolers will develop fine motor skills as they practice cutting and pasting. They also learn social awareness through appreciation of the efforts of others as they explore the things they enjoy about their guardian. encourage students to be creative as they express themselves in this and other crafts for preschool kids.

I Love You Because

To start this lesson out, begin by asking students to go to the reading area. Have a discussion with students about how it feels when they get in trouble. Do they think after they get in trouble that the person no longer cares for them? Do not suggest that idea to the students, but if they come up with it remind them that they are loved even when they are in trouble.

Once the discussion is complete, read the children the book I Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker. After reading the book, discuss what the children learned in the book. Once you have completed the discussion, move on to the craft portion of this lesson.


To complete this craft you will need a variety of colors of construction paper, glue, scissors, crayons, pencils, 4 pieces per student of plain white paper as well as yellow, black and brown yarn and a paper hole punch.

  1. Give each student a piece of construction paper and plain white paper.
  2. Help students to glue the plain white sheet of paper to the construction paper.
  3. Give the students each 3 sheets of plain white paper.
  4. Help students to write “I Love You Because…” on what will be the cover of the book, the part of the construction paper that does not have the white paper glued to it.
  5. Help students to fold the other sheets of paper in half.
  6. Place the paper inside the “book cover” and punch two holes in the middle of the “book” before threading a piece of yarn through the holes and tying a bow. This is what will hold the book together.
  7. On the first sheet of paper, help students to write (or write for them) " your pretty hair", “your handsome mustache” or something similar that applies to the parent or guardian.
  8. Help the students cut and glue the yarn to make “hair” in the right form to suit their statement on the page opposite of the one that is written on.
  9. Help the students to write “your (insert color here) eyes” on the next page, then ask students to draw and color eyes on the opposite page.
  10. Turn the page and help students to write “you play (insert game here) with me”, then ask them to draw and color a picture of the game on the opposite page.
  11. Flip the page and help students to write “you cook me good (insert food here).” Students would then draw a picture of their favorite food on the opposite page.
  12. Turn the page and help students to write “you’re you!”. On the opposite page, help students to draw a picture of their guardian and use the yarn to make the hair as well as crayons to color the eyes.

Once students have completed the book, lay the books out to dry. Discuss the activity with the students. Allow the students to take the book home to their guardians once it is dry.

Using crafts for preschool kids is a terrific way to introduce the concept of doing things for other people so that they feel appreciated. Your little ones will feel both pride and joy in sharing what they have done.

I Love You Because You’re You