Three Billy Goats Gruff Preschool Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan

Circle Time: Ask the following questions for discussion.

  • Have you seen a goat?
  • Do you have a goat?

Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The full story is also available online at The Billy Goats Gruff and Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Songs: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Nursery Rhymes: The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Janet Stevens

Math: Teach small, medium, and large as well as comparing objects by size.

Goat toys or manipulatives would be perfect for comparing the sizes that go with the theme. You could probably find small, medium, and large goats at a toy store or dollar store.

There is also printable picture online of goats and with different sizes you can print up and color and have the students compare their sizes this way as well.


  • Make a bridge with Popsicle sticks. Make the goats and troll from the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff out of clay.
  • Bring in goat’s milk for the children to taste. Ask a local farmer* to bring some in. (Always check with parents before giving your students any unusual foods.)
  • Also ask a local farmer* if they would be willing to bring in a goat for the children to see and touch.

*You could ask around for a local farmer that raises goats, or you could send out a newsletter to all your students asking the parents if they or any family members have goats they would be willing to bring in for the class to see or if they could bring in some goat’s milk to share.

Arts and Crafts:

  • Use printable mask pictures of goats and/or trolls for the kids to color and cut out.
  • Use a hole punch to put a hole in each side of the mask.
  • Take some yarn or string to tie the mask on the children’s face.
  • Ram Coloring Page is a goat coloring page.
  • Billy Goats Gruff Role-play Masksis a site that has all the masks for all the characters in the story.


Using the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, read and setup a play with the children who will take turns being the troll and the goats. Find something to use as the bridge for the goats to cross. A table would work, and you can use a chair to help the “kids” get up on the table. Have the students make the word sounds from the story (trip, trap) for crossing the bridge. The kids could also perform their play for another class or parents can be invited to come and see their child’s play.

A final language assignment could be a writing exercise that is an interactive assessment. On a piece of paper, have a sentence with a blank for the students to fill in; for example, I like the in the story. Talk to the children about the story and what their favorite character was. Have the children fill in the blank in the sentence by printing the name of the character. Then, have the students draw a picture of the character on the same piece of paper.

You can also find a video(cartoon) of The Three Billy Goat Gruff and have the class watch it this with help in establishing background/ prior knowledge and help them in preparing for the play.

Snack Time:

Recreate the story with snack food with a kind of edible diorama. Use coconut dyed green for grass and a blue fruit roll-up for water. Pretzels or graham crackers can be used to make a bridge. You can use animal crackers or marshmallows for the goats. A purple grape or a purple fruit snack could be used for the troll.