Yellow Day Activities for Preschool: Ideas and Adventures

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Preparing for Yellow Day

Before the yellow theme day arrives, send parents a note requesting that all children wear yellow clothing to school on the appropriate date. Decorate the classroom with yellow streamers, balloons and table settings. Design a bulletin board with the word “yellow” and with pictures of yellow animals, vehicles, plants, or foods.

Yellow Show and Tell/Yellow Walk

When organizing a yellow theme for preschool, ask each child to bring a yellow object from home to share with the class during Show and Tell. These objects can include books, toys, or small household objects in all shades of the color yellow. Give each preschooler the opportunity to show and briefly describe his or her yellow item to the class. Ask the preschoolers if each Show and Tell object is light yellow or dark yellow–point out the contrast in the different color shades.

Before taking the students on a “yellow walk”, make a list of items for the children to point out. Examples can include yellow leaves, yellow flowers, a yellow car, a school bus, a yellow house, street signs, or a painted street curb. Take a brief walk around the neighborhood so that the preschoolers have a chance to recognize various yellow objects in nature and in the community.

Baby Chick Craft

This adorable baby chick craft is an art project that fits perfectly with a yellow theme for preschool. Children will enjoy making these charming little creatures out of yellow materials.

Materials needed:

  • yellow cotton balls or yellow pom poms (2 per child)
  • yellow egg cartons (cut into sections, 1 section per child)
  • school glue
  • miniature plastic googly eyes (2 per child)
  • pre-cut yellow felt triangles for making beaks


1. Give each preschooler two cotton balls and a small bottle of school glue. Show the children how to glue one yellow cotton ball on top of the other to make the chick’s body and head.

2. Provide each student with two googly eyes and a triangular felt beak. Ask the class to glue the eyes and beak onto the heads of the chicks. The pointed edge of the beak should be facing outward.

3. When glue has dried, give each child a section of egg carton for the chick to “nest” in. Display the baby chick crafts in the classroom to enhance the yellow theme.

Yellow Snack Samplers

Show the children how good yellow snacks can taste by organizing a sampler of various treats. This portion of the yellow theme day can be done at lunchtime for half-day preschool classes or during mid-afternoon snack for full-day classes.

Set out bowls of yellow foods for the preschoolers to eat. Give each child a paper plate and encourage the class to try a bit of every snack. Here are some food suggestions for a yellow theme:

  • bananas (cut into chunks)
  • dried banana chips
  • banana pudding
  • pineapple chunks or slices
  • buttered popcorn
  • creamed or dry corn
  • corn chips
  • cornbread
  • potato chips
  • yellow batter pound cake slices
  • lemon Popsicle treats
  • yellow M&M’s or jellybeans

Serve lemonade or water with lemon slices for the children to drink.

At the end of the day, send each child home with a bright yellow star or certificate that commemorates the yellow theme for preschool.

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