Learn About the Letter X! Preschool Activities for Letter X

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The letter X is an interesting one. It is the 24th letter in the Latin alphabet, and has Greek and probably Etruscan origins. Teaching the letter X to preschool children can be a fun and easy. It is an easy letter to master. Just cross two lines and you have an X.


  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Colored Paper
  • Glue
  • Drawing paper
  • Scissors
  • Play clay

Activity Ideas

There are many preschool activities for letter X that you and your preschooler can do together. Here are a few ideas to try at home or in the classroom:

  1. At the beginning, show your preschooler what the letter X looks like in the uppercase and the lowercase, and what it sounds like.
  2. Write the letter X in pencil and have the preschooler trace over it with a marker.
  3. Make a paper letter X by cutting strips of colored paper and pasting one crossed over the other on a white drawing sheet.
  4. Have the children cut out letter Xs from colored paper and make a collage.
  5. Take two sticks and place them one over the other to form an X and tie them together that way.
  6. Collect colored pebbles and have your preschooler place them in an X shape in the garden.
  7. Have the children draw a block letter X and decorate and color the insides with their own design.
  8. Ask the children what happens if you join all the sides of the letter X. You get a square or a rectangle.
  9. Show your preschooler how to turn the letter X into a butterfly and let the preschooler color it as they want.
  10. Show your preschooler how to make a little stick figures out of the letter X. You can add a head in the upper V of the X, and add hands and feet.
  11. Let the preschoolers roll out some play clay and form the letter X from that.
  12. Make a list of words that begin with an X (Xylophone, X-ray, Xerxes, Xavier, Xerox)
  13. Make a list of words that end with an X (Tyrannosaurus Rex, Box, Fox, Ox, Beatrix, Mailbox, Six, Wax)
  14. Make a list of words that have an X (Excellent, Extreme, Extra)
  15. Show the preschoolers a picture chart of objects starting with, ending with or having the letter X.
  16. Do any of the preschoolers have an X in their names or surnames? You can use those as examples too.
  17. Show the preschoolers a xylophone and let them have fun making their own music. You can also make your own xylophone by filling a number of glasses with different levels of water and tapping the glass rims with a spoon to produce different musical sounds.
  18. Show the preschooler how a xerox machine works.

Have fun with these preschool activities for letter X, and you will make the time spent with your preschooler “extra” special!