Cain and Abel Preschool Lesson Plan: Controlling Anger

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Cain & Abel

In this Sunday school lesson we can all learn from the bible story of Cain and Able and how one was not able to conquer his temper. Cain and Abel, the children of Adam and Eve, grew up and began to worship God for themselves - just as their parents did. These brothers were both expected to bring the very best offering they had in thanks to God, for all that he had done for them in their lives.

As the story goes, however, it was Cain that did not bring his best. After God showed favor to his brother, Cain grew in jealousy and killed his brother, Abel. This story is one that will capture the children’s attention as they listen to a story full of disobedience and murder.

This story is best read from a children’s bible in Genesis, 4:2-8. It may, in fact, it will be the seventh verse that was taken from the New American Standard Bible version, (Gen. 4:7) “I_f you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and it’s desire is for you, but you must master it._”

It is the voice of God that actually told Cain, “…but you must master it”. This is the very thing that even those of us that are a long way from the preschool days, have a hard time doing. Mastering your anger or being introduced to the tools at this age, will give them a head start on living in the way that God has designed for us.

Activities on Handling Anger

  • Discussion - Having a discussion with your students is the most important activity, because it will help them talk about ways they deal with anger and realize how others cope. During the discussion ask them questions, like; what makes you angry? what do you do when you get angry? do you pray? do you find someone to talk to? what does your face look like when you are angry? what should Cain have done, instead of killing his brother?
  • Coloring Pages - You can print coloring pages for students to take them home to talk about with their parents.
  • Stop, Breathe ,Think & Pray- Teach the children a quick and simple routine, that will help them when they grow in anger. Have them all stand up, repeating the poem, after you given them an example of when it is appropriate to use this strategy:
    • Stop - Right here, right now,
    • Breathe - In deep, you know how,
    • Think - There’s always a better way,
    • Pray - In thanks for God’s help, today

Have them hold their hand out when they recite the word Stop, have them put their hands to their chest when told to breathe, have them use their pointing finger to their foreheads when told to think, and hold hand as if praying when told to pray in times of need.

Overall, preschool lesson plans on anger should help them to learn to look to God for all our answers. Although, they may not remember the words you recite to them, they should remember that they must take some time to solve a problem after experiencing the emotion, anger.


Cain and Able coloring pages