Preschool Horse Craft Ideas for the Classroom

Preschool Horse Craft Ideas for the Classroom
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Yarn Horse Craft:

Here is a collection of preschool horse craft ideas that you can use to get your preschoolers thinking about horses.

Some of these activities are very simple and can be done by the child independently, whereas some may need help from a teacher. Hope you enjoy them.

  • For the yarn craft, use scissors to cut yarn into really small pieces so that it looks like powder. You can do this easily by winding yarn around your fingers and then cutting from one end. Use a brown yarn for best results.

  • On a piece of paper, draw the outline of a horse.

  • Once you have a lot of yarn cut, spread craft glue all over the horse. Sprinkle yarn pieces on it. Shake off the excess yarn pieces and allow to dry.

Paper Tearing Craft:

For this craft, too, you will need an outline of a horse. You can draw it on your own, or print it from the Internet. Microsoft clipart provides images like the one above. You can insert it on a blank sheet of paper and then enlarge it by pulling at one of the corners, and then print and copy it for your students.

You can also provide magazines to the children. Help them to find the color brown in the magazine pictures, and tear small pieces of paper from it. You will end up with a collection of tiny pieces of brown paper in different shades. Glue these all over the horse. Your paper mosaic horse is ready.

Toilet Roll Horse Craft:

You will need two old toilet paper rolls for this craft.

  • Spread glue all over both the rolls.

  • Wind brown wool yarn around the two rolls to cover the entire surface of the rolls. Allow it to dry.

  • Next, cut one-fourth length of one of the toilet rolls.

  • Now use tape to attach the shorter toilet roll perpendicularly on the top of the longer toilet roll in such a way that the longer roll forms the horizontal body of the horse and the shorter roll forms the vertical neck and head of the horse.

  • Draw out the face shape of a horse on a piece of posterboard, decorate it, and cut it out. Include ears in your drawing.

  • Use craft glue to attach this face to the top of the second toilet roll.

  • To make feet, roll paper to form small sticks, glue the end, and cut it to a desired length. Pierce four holes into the bottom of the body of the horse and insert the four legs. Inserting them at an angle will make it easier for the horse to stand.

  • Tape a few long threads of yarn together and attach to the back of the horse to make a tail. Similarly, you can glue yarn pieces to the neck of the horse to form a mane.

Your horse is ready. Children will love showing it off to their family.

Horse Face Mask:

  • Draw out the outline of a horse-shaped face onto heavy paper or posterboard.

  • Get the children to color it.

  • Cut out two holes for the eyes of the horse, matching the eye area of the child.

  • Pierce two smaller holes near the sides of the horse face. Insert pieces of ribbon and tie them to these holes. Use the ribbon to tie the mask around the child’s face.

Have the students talk about good names for horses. Then you can let your students make horse sounds and gallop around the room.